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20/10/2021The Totals on Cash Till Recon reports where it is a Mixed Tender and the breakdown is drawn from the Notes field did NOT take REFUNDS into account (where the amount should be regarded as a NEGATIVE amount) resulting in double the value being added to the running total. Fixed.SQL
20/10/2021Recurring Charges print invoices prints the previous Debtor's Delivery Address if a Debtor has NO Delivery Addresses. Fixed.SQL
19/10/2021The Price List Margins for CASH SALES report when printed in CATEGORY sequence printed each category multiple times (each with unique stock items, but this causes confusion). Fixed.SQL
18/10/2021When the Branch Order Transfer tickbox to auto-create the opposite order in the target warehouse is ON, it incremented the target Order No. (Sales or Purchase) TWICE. Fixed.SQL
18/10/2021The Reprint Old Invoices FROM..TO did NOT work. SQL Query was wrong.SQL
18/10/2021Transfer IN. If you leave the Supplier InvoNo field blank, the Nominal REF code is also blank. Rather used the incremental Transfer IN number instead.SQL
15/10/2021When opening a New company in DosPro using the BASIC setup, it now sets up the basic Nominal Asset accounts (before it only did it in AVANCED mode).SQL
15/10/2021Changes made to the WriteInvToDisk routine to overcome the code size limitation did NOT repoen the SQL Database after closing it before the BEGIN TRAN. Fixed.SQL
15/10/2021When doing a Cash IN/OUT, any narration was NOT saved to disk. Fixed.SQL
15/10/2021Recurring Charges did not print the Delivery Address on Recurring Invoices.SQL
12/10/2021When posting Debtor/Creditor Payments in the SUNDRY PAYMENTS/DEPOSITS program and you post more than 1 Creditor or Debtor payments in a single run, SQL hangs. Fixed.SQL
07/10/2021When posting a Transfer OUT to another COMPANY (not another warehouse) and you select the option on the after menu to book it directly into the other company, if the stock record in the target company had ZERO on hand, it left the Average Cost Price as is instead of making it the LATEST Cost that it was transferred at.SQL
07/10/2021Rewrote the Stocktake program as per Vernon's spec (LIVE and BackDated). Also amended the Parm(155) parameter (Synchronize Counted field with OnHand during Movements postings) to have 30 slots - 1 for each warehouse. This involved amending all the modules that posted stock movements. Started development on 22 Sep 2021.SQL
01/10/2021In the 'Amend an Order Number' form, I was checking the ArcDate without using the CAST(ARCDATE AS DATE) directived. Fixed.SQL
01/10/2021There was a problem with sending messages to other Users (on the [Tools] menu) when you are logged in REMOTELY which I have fixed. It tried to delete the message file on the LOCAL terminal which caused the message to keep reappearing.SQL
30/09/2021When posting a VAT ONLY entry, if you cleared the VAT Code field first and then typed in an Amount and then clicked [Finish], Rev accepted the posting, but did NOT update the Vat entries correctly causing imbalances between the Vat Tran report and Vat Summary report.SQL
30/09/2021When using the [F6] key during Payment Allocations (Open Item Drs/Crs), it works correctly until the LAST invoice in the list. It calculates the correct amount, but makes it a MINUS amount. Fixed.SQL
27/09/2021When Selective Transaction reports are printed for a selected User and a selected Warehouse, it did NOT print the correct transactions. Fixed.SQL
27/09/2021Statements did NOT print in NAME sequence if selected (always AccNo sequence). Fixed.SQL
22/09/2021Modified the Cash Till Reconciliation RECALCULATE option to now extract the Mixed Tender breakdown from the transaction's NOTES field so the Cash Till Recon TOTALS at the end of the report agree in both columns. Also added this into the 'Totals by Transaction Type' Recalculate program as well.SQL
19/09/2021The ROSI report also included Asset and Odd items in its calculations. It should only include actual stock items. Fixed. Added the ROSI report to SQL this day as well (was only in Access Rev up to now).SQL
15/09/2021The [INDUSTRY] field on the Debtor Master record screen did NOT always look up the correct Industry from the GenralParms table because it used the Number in the Debtors Industry field as the ComboBox LISTINDEX instead of reading it from the ComboBox ITEMDATA field. Fixed. 2021/09/17: The Debtor DELIVERY METHOD had a similar problem. Fixed.SQL
15/09/2021It appears that a recent Windows 10 update causes the OLD ZipLib.dll that I have used to Zip/Unzip files since Access Rev no longer works? Modified these programs to rather use ExecCmd(7ZA...) to Zip/Unzip these files from now on.SQL
14/09/2021When printing a Past TB for the FIRST period in the current Financial Year, the calculation of the YTD field of a/c's was wrongSQL
13/09/2021If you use the "Import a Transfer Out" option and then select to do another normal (non-import) Transfer IN and you type the Imported DocNo into the 'Supplier Doc.No' field and press [Enter], Rev tells you there already is a TrfIN DocNo like that in the Move file. If you then click [Display] you get an SQL Query syntax error where the Table Name is missing. Fixed.SQL
13/09/2021There have been reports that, when run on Windows Server 2016 and above, the MSINet.ocx in UpdINet no longer connects to our FTP server to download updated Rev programs? Made mods that, when you run UpdINet on a LOCAL terminal, it will also update Rev on the Server. Also added an [Update Server] button to the first screen in UpdINet (that appears if it detects that you are a Terminal on a LAN (by checking the Rev path in your file).SQL
07/09/2021Restoring from an FTP Backup (from the Tools menu) did NOT work. Fixed.SQL
03/09/2021When you import a Transfer OUT into a Transfer IN (top-right button on Trf.IN screen), if the SysParms [Branch] tab is set to NOT allow amendments when importing a Trf.OUT, it displays a red warning and stops amendments. However, if you now click [Cancel] on the Transfer IN screen and the select to Import that Transfer OUT again, this time it does NOT display the red warning and it allows amendments. FIXED.SQL
03/09/2021When DELETING dormant Drs/Crs a/c's, if the a/c was a BALANCE FORWARD a/c, the old BF transactions made it look like there were old transactions and it would NOT delete it. Fixed.SQL
02/09/2021Reports of closing/booking in the same BOM Job by 2 users. When you select to close/complete a BOM Job, Rev only checks the BOM Job's status when you select to close it and it will reject it at that point if is closed. If it is NOT closed, it proceeds to prompt you for the Closing details (Quantity, Date, etc). However, if one user selects to close it, but does NOT complete the action by clicking the [Ok] button and then another User also selects to close that same job, it will allow that user to also proceed. Now, if BOTH users press [Ok] at that point to close the Job, Rev does NOT check the Close status again so Rev would accept and process BOTH instructions to Close the Job. FIXED. It now checks if the Job has been booked in again as you click [Save].SQL
02/09/2021Increase FieldMatch1 thru 5 field lengths in ReportParms (to handle 25 char stockcodes).SQL
02/09/2021When a User selects 'Mixed' Tender for a Payment option, Rev will now store the Tender breakdown in the transaction's NOTES field. Also added to the Receipts option in the Multi-Warehouse Invoice module (InvMWare.exe).SQL
30/08/2021The Advanced Stock Report (Min/Max/ReOrder, etc) did NOT align or treat the OnHand column as a Number when exporting to Excel. Caused by the Align() value being incorrectly set in the Reports.mdb/mdf DB. Just programmed around it.SQL
30/08/2021When you Import a Purchase Order from another warehouse into a Transfer OUT document, it did NOT update the Quantity OWING of stock items on the Purchase Order when the T/Out is processed and it did NOT update the Warehouse Purch Order field in the Stock record either. Fixed.SQL
29/08/2021The calculation of the Brought Forward value in a Past Period Stock Movement report was incorrect resulting in the OnHand (running total) at the END of the report being wrong. Fixed.SQL
26/08/2021When posting a Manual Invoice to a Drs/Crs a/c that has the 'Charge Tax on Sales/Purchases' flag UNticked, and you just press [Enter] on the blank Nominal AccNo field, it defaults to TaxCode 01 instead of 02 (Zero-rated). If you select a Nominal a/c and then press [Enter], it doesn't happen. Fixed.SQL
26/08/2021When you search for and find a [SerialNo] on the Supermenu and you click [View History], it did not display anything. Fixed.SQL
23/08/2021Rewrote the Slow Moving Stock Report to speed it up - at Rudamans it used to take hours (days?) - now it takes under a minute.SQL
20/08/2021On some systems, when you select to input/amend the new Stock Custom Field names, you get an error 380. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021When on the [Company Details] tab in System preferences and the company is still in Demo mode (numeric serial#), the [Register against another SerialNo] button will now be visible so you can register the company at that point. ALSO: The RevSQL Package SerialNo Prefix character (PTNC) was wrongly set to 'L' for Small Business in the [InsertDisk] s/r. Should be 'N'. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021Emailing an existing ProForma Invoice did NOT send anything. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021When selling to a Debtor in the POSTouch module, it did NOT check for Credit Limit Exceeded and call for the Supervisor Password. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021When switching on Warehousing, set Warehouse field in ALL tables to 1. ADDED: A Fix option ([2] on the [Advanced] dropdown) that sets ALL Warehouse=0 to Warehouse=1 in ALL tables.SQL
18/08/2021The Selective Drs/Crs Audit report sometimes encountered Null errors in the data when checking the Warehouse number field. Also: Found that printing the Selective Drs/Crs reports for a selected a/c still printed ALL accounts. Fixed.SQL
18/08/2021When you create a new document layout file under Terminal Preferences on a REMOTE terminal (when accessing SQL remotely), it now also copies that layout (plus pics) to the Remote Server as well.SQL
17/08/2021Updated VBMAPI64.EXE included in Mods made to vbmapi64 so it'll work with Office 2019.SQL
16/08/2021When you input an out-of-stock item which has a Cross-Index link stockcode in the SQL [Alt] field, it warns you and if you select one of the alternate items, it does NOT update the Line Total (places it in the Address field?). Fixed.SQL
13/08/2021When printing the Valuation report in Category sequence in a multi-warehouse environment, it misses printing the Negative Totals for the LAST Category. Fixed.SQL
10/08/2021Fixed: * Movement Analysis for Category Range left out stock records. * ExcelNumberFormat = "#,##0.00" '20210726 (if not there, numbers have no decmls in spreadsheets) ALSO: Sped up export to ExcelSQL
10/08/2021The calculation of the Adjust Qty fields on the Stock [History] tab was not handled correctly in the MonthEnd/YearEnd Updates. Fixed. This caused problems with the Stock Adjustments (Audit) report in SReports. Added code to recalculate the Adjustment fields on the fly when printing this report.SQL
09/08/2021When setting the NOT Counted Status (under Stocktake) for Warehouse 1 in a multi-warehouse system, it displayed the TOTAL OnHand in the OnHand/Counted fields on the Input Stocktake Count screen instead of calculating the Warehouse 1 OnHand value only. Fixed.SQL
30/07/2021The VAT ONLY posting did NOT appear on the Vat Reports.SQL
29/07/2021Changed the Outstanding SALES Order report back to being in Portrait mode by reducing the width of some of the fields on the report.SQL
21/07/2021When you DISASSEMBLE a manufactured item (BOM), you sometimes get an Overflow error. Fixed. This happened where Cost Price components, etc weren't entered (left as zero) and one of the calculations uses those costs as a divisor.SQL
21/07/2021When amending yhe Company Details in System Prefs, if it was an older company converted from Access, there was NO 'COMPANYNEW' record in SysParms (SQL DOSPRO creates it when creating a NEW comapny) - so data from the Physical Address and Banking Details were lost. Fixed.SQL
20/07/2021When clicking the [PriceList] option on a Debtor Master record, the Stock prices displayed were not always correct (especially those based on the Debtor/Stock Discount Matrix). Fixed.SQL
19/07/2021ADDED: 6 User Defined fields to the Stock Master table. Custom Reports and Master File Export options as well as Amend Selected fields + Amend a field in ALL records.SQL
19/07/2021The Restore of ALL Backups from the Offsite Backup did NOT work. Fixed. The Restore of YearArcs from the Offsite Backup (in ProWin)did NOT work. Fixed.SQL
17/07/2021Sometimes, when processing a Credit Note and selecting to Import the Invoice into the Cr.Note, the [Import] button is NOT displayed on the displayed Invoice screen. This was caused by a mod made on 2015/08/19 to add the "Print a Duplicate Invoice" checkbox under Setup > User Preferences > [System Access] tab > [Invoice] > After Invoice options. If this box is UNticked, this causes the [Print] button to be made invisible on that Find Invoice screen. Unfortunately, that same button is relabelled [Import] to import the Invoice into a Cr.Note on that same screen. I now check if the button label is "Import" and then do NOT make it invisible.SQL
16/07/2021The 'Added Costs for a BOM Job' option allowed component stock items to go into negative (just with a warning) even if the system is set to NO negative stock.SQL
15/07/2021The creation of a temporary Remote link to the TEST SQL Company on our Remote server (in the SQLParms screen) did NOT work if there wasn't an SQLConn.rev file present. Fixed.SQL
15/07/2021The Autit Trail reports (Current + Reprint) to screen sometimes print too wide for the page. Eventually I found that I also use the AUDITCURRENT report layout to print the Dashboard "Top Ten..." reports. When I do that, I reset the report's database record in the Reports.mdf database to fontsize=12 as it is a narrow report. It appears that, although I reset the Fontsize back to 8 when the report is finished, it sometimes doesn't reset??? So, now I reset the Fontsize for the AUDITCURRENT report layout to 8 BEFORE I start the Current or Reprint Audit Trail reports - just in case. That fixed it!!!SQL
14/07/2021Modified the Amend a BOM Job Quantity to handle the allocation of the Difference in Cost.SQL
13/07/2021There was a bug in the MoveAlloc [Select] code when moving a PAST Period Payment (plusOILinked entries) to Current. Fixed.SQL
12/07/2021Increased the length of the Nominal AUDITLINK field to 15 (for Caseware).SQL
12/07/2021When writing an Invoice with Manufacture on the Fly triggered and a Nominal Adjustment entry is needed, it did NOT keep a copy of the current MSQL$ tring before writing those Nominal Adjustment Jnls (where it also uses MSQL$) which causes it to crash with a SQL Syntax error. Fixed.SQL
12/07/2021The modified formula for calculating the New Average Cost when converting a Delivery Receipt to a GRN doesn't always calculate correctly?. Fixed.SQL
09/07/2021When importing Debtor/Creditor data from an Excel spreadsheet that UPDATES existing a/c's, it clears the NOTES field of ALL accounts that it updates. Fixed.SQL
07/07/2021You sometimes get a Division by Zero error when printing the Stock Sales History by Item for a Date range. Fixed.SQL
07/07/2021If you included the REORDER LEVEL field in the Export Stock Master file report, there was a bug where it exported the OnHand value instead. Fixed.SQL
06/07/2021The code I added to recalculate the Warehouse Stock OnOrder fields did NOT work because I should have zeroised those fields in the Stock table FIRST. I have added this now. Also added the Recalc WH OnOrder fields at the start of SREPORTS too.SQL
06/07/2021Mods made to the YEAR END code to Clear Nominal Income/Expenses to the Retained Earnings a/c on 2021/05/07 (the JOINed SQL query) resulted in an Overflow error. It was actually an SQL error where I tried to load the LONG SQL error number into an INTEGER variable (that caused the Overflow). Fixed all the errors and the ClearIncExpAcc s/r now worksSQL
05/07/2021Had reports of Rev NOT incrementing the Invoice number on Cash Sales. Moved the IncrementDocNo code into the BEGIN..COMMIT section to see if that'll help. WTF!!!! Only Venga clients???SQL
05/07/20211. When printing Drs/Crs Selective transactions and transactions (Invoices, etc) appeared both in the Archive and Current periods (eg: invoices not paid yet), they appear more than once on the report. 2. When the 'Show single Credit...' box is ticked, Adjustment Journals show a value of ZERO on the report. Caused by it adding all the nominal legs together to calc the amount (this would naturally be zero). Changed it to only add the leg to Debtors or Creditors Control a/c depending ledger.SQL
02/07/2021Creditor REMITTANCES for Open Item Creditor a/c's did NOT always print transactions in the correct sequence. Changed the ORDER BY in the SQL Query to "by oilink, DATE"SQL
02/07/2021Had a case where the [Current] field in some Nominal a/c's did NOT include ALL the current transactions? Added a query on entering the Nominal Reports module to recalculate the CURRENT field in ALL Nominal a/c's.SQL
02/07/2021The updating of the StockBudget ACTUAL Sales figures for the current period during the MonthEnd Update did NOT work. Fixed.SQL
01/07/2021Rudamans reported a problem with the Retained Earnings a/c amount on a BALANCE SHEET @ end of the last period of LAST year. It turns out that the Year End Update was NOT putting the correct value into the BrFrwdLastYr and BrFrwdPrevYr fields in that Nomina a/c. Fixed the Balance Sheet code and added code to it to recalculate those fields.SQL
30/06/2021When printing a Creditors Stock Purchases report for an AREACODE range, you get an error 3265. Fixed.SQL
30/06/2021When printing Financial Statements and it has to look for LAST years Comparative data inYearArc1, it was referencing the LAST YEAR figures in the Nominal a/c's. In the YearArc1 file, those figures are in the CURRENT Year (Bal01-Bal12). Fixed.SQL
30/06/2021The [Basic] setup option when creating a NEW Company did NOT create the CurrentPeriod (Parm$(30)) or the Document Number records in GeneralParms.FixedSQL
29/06/2021When printing Nominal Transaction reports (P & L, etc) to the screen and you drill down an a manually posted debtor or creditor invoice/credit note, etc (CN, DN, etc), and you then clicked [Detail], it did NOT show the correct Drs/Crs AccNo (it included the 'D' and 'C' ledger prefix when extracting the Contra field in the Nominal transaction record). Fixed.SQL
25/06/2021When doing a Manufacture on the fly in the Invoice module, it uses the LATEST COST when selling the made item. This messes up the parity between the Stock Valuation and the stock control a/c. It should be the Average Cost. Fixed.SQL
23/06/2021You clould close a JobCard (Service Job=one of the Invoice modules - Manfacture Job=WMMOld) even if there were Outstanding Orders allocated to the Job. Fixed.SQL
23/06/2021You could still allocate Stock on a Workshop GRN if the Job is already closed NY TYPING IN THE JOB NUMBBER INTO THE FIELD AT THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THE SEARCH SCREEN. Fixed.SQL
22/06/2021When clicking [Print] on the Stock Transactions screen (in the main module - Stock Enquiry), it reported nothing to print. Fixed.SQL
22/06/2021The Creditors HISTORY TRANSACTIONS list is very slow. Fixed.SQL
22/06/2021The Selective Drs/Crs and Reprint Audit Trail reports only catered for a SINGLE digit warehouse number. Fixed.SQL
18/06/2021There is a bug in the "** IF NOT KEEPORDERS, REMOVE REST OF ANY ORDERS ON GRN..." code at the end of the WriteGrnToDisk s/r (after the SQL COMMIT). When it fails here the SQL ROLLBACK error message is displayed and it terminates. However, it now asks you if you want to CANCEL the GRN. If you say NO and then click Finish/Save again, it writes the GRN a second time (duplicating it).SQL
17/06/2021The BF on Nominal Transactions HISTORY report was incorrect in the Starting Period. The query looking for the BF transaction in that period was incorrect. Fixed.SQL
17/06/2021Removed the code that updates the costs of stock items in movements posted between the capture of a Delivery Receipt and the coversion to a GRN. It now only updates the TOTALCOST field in movement HEADERS for Sales Invoices and Credit Notes.SQL
15/06/2021The 'Update Costs in BOM items' now only updates LATEST COST from the Component Cost prices in Recipes - it no longer updates AVERAGE COST.SQL
14/06/2021Fixed remaining problems with AverageCost calculation linked to Nominal Stock Control a/c's in Delivery Receipt CONVERSION to GRN.SQL
12/06/2021Fixed Stock Average Cost and Stock Control a/c problems with BOM Jobs and cancellations.SQL
12/06/2021Fixed problems with Average Cost Calculations on GRNs and Delivery Receipts.SQL
10/06/2021When allocating Drs/Crs OPEN ITEM payments and there are more than 999 allocations in a single entry, Rev crashes with a Bad Subscript error because I only allowed for 999 allocations (DIM PostSQL(999)) I now changed it to allow 9999 legs.SQL
09/06/2021In the Stock Movement record for GRNs, changed the value of the 'CostPrice' field to ve the LATEST Cost of the item and NOT the New Average Cost.SQL
07/06/2021There was another UPDATE GeneralParms... that did NOT specify a WHERE clause so it updated the DATA field in EVERY record in the table!!!. In the SysParms module where it sets the field numbers for the various Vat Codes on the VAT 201 form. All 'Data' fields in GeneralParms end up with 13|19|20 in them. Fixed. Added a [ClientFix] option to copy the corrupted records from the GeneralParms table in a copy company.SQL
03/06/2021Copied the Stock Sales by REP routines from the RepReprt module to the SReports module.SQL
03/06/2021If a Rev user sets their system to have 1 or 2 periods, this causes the MonthEnd Update to crash with a Bad Subscript Error.SQL
02/06/2021The VatChk.csv debug file generated by the Recalc code for the VAT Summary report still had 1 line of debug code that referred to database fields that were not specified in the SQL Query. Fixed. ALSO... Somehow a user was able to input a taxcode of '92' on a Debtor Invoice??? This causes a Bad Subscript error in the Vat Transactions report. Added an SQL Query at the start of the VatReprt module to Check for TaxCodes>20 and replace the first digit with a '0'.SQL
01/06/2021The Amending of OnHand suddenly gives a 'COMMIT without BEGIN SQL error' at Rudamans!!! Fixed.SQL
01/06/2021If you changed a Creditor Account Number, if did NOT update the Supllier AccNo fields in Stock records.SQL
01/06/2021If the default search field is changed to Description, sometimes, in Invoices, Quotes, Orders, Jobs, etc, if you click on the downarrow in the stockcode field with a blank stockcode, it does NOT open the Stock Search grid.SQL
31/05/2021As requested by Tony, I removed the "Start in Capture mode" from the New Company create in DosPro.SQL
31/05/2021When printing the Stock Movement report, it printed ODD ITEM Movements even if you did NOT tick the box to Include Odd Items. Fixed.SQL
31/05/2021The variable used to store the CurrencyRate on the nominal Detail form should have been a Double. Fixed.SQL
31/05/2021In Nominal Financial Reports, the Comparative field for LAST year was not calculated properly. ALSO: When printing Nominal Transactions HISTORY from the start of LAST Year and the a/c was only opened later during the that year, the Brough Forward that it used was sometimes wrong causing the running total Balance to also be wrong. Fixed.SQL
31/05/2021When you amend a Creditior's AccNo, it does NOT update the AccNo's in the Supplier fields in Stock records. Fixed.SQL
30/05/2021Reworked the SQL Queries used to calculate the Stock Sales by Rep report (only in RepReprt) in order to speed it up. In SQL Rev it took a few hours to run. Now it takes less than a minute.SQL
25/05/2021In the Fix - Validate, the Age Analysis calculation for Open Item Drs/Crs calculated the 180 Days Totals based on the wrong Date Range (should have been just Less than a Period Date - NOT less than and greater than like the other periods). I had fixed this in the Month End Update on 22 Dec 2020, but forgot that the Open Item Aging was also recalculated in the Fix Validate code as well). Fixed.SQL
24/05/2021Past Period Journals that involved Income/Expense a/c's also updated the Feb'xx Total field on the [Analysis#1] field of the Retained Income a/c in the NEW year (it is already included in the BF from LASt Year figure).SQL
24/05/20211) The Trial Balance showing only MASTER a/c's did NOT print the correct totals for each Nominal sub-section. 2) Balance Sheet as at 28 Feb showed figures for March instead of Feb. Fixed.SQL
24/05/2021Because of NOT using CAST(Arcdate) when trying to locate archive BF transactions, they were NOT updated when posting Past Period Debtor/Creditor Journals. It also did'nt update the Past Age Analysis in the AgingArc table.SQL
22/05/2021ADDED: A new Import engine to import the Altech NuPay Debit order Confirmation CSV file.SQL
21/05/2021Past Period Journals (Drs/Crs) sometimes crash with an SQL error. When updating the Aged Periods in the Master records, it referred to the Current field instead of the [Current] field. Fixed. SQL
20/05/2021Changed the Zipping of the FTP Backup Upload method to use 7ZA.EXE. Had a case (Rudamans) where the old 32bit Zipping library kept failing to zip the ProWin.bak (very large)?SQL
20/05/2021The Checkboxes on the SetReportParms routines were NOT handled correctly (Drs and Crs reports) so they weren't always remembered the next time that user ran the same report. Fixed.SQL
20/05/2021When doing a Branch Transfer between 2 companies and selecting to book the Transfer INTO the target company on the After Menu, it now prompts you to select the Nominal Branch Transfer a/c in the TARGET company.SQL
19/05/2021When inputting the Stock Counted figures into the Input Stocktake Count window, press [Enter] does NOT take you to the next line if you just press [Enter[ without typing in a value. Fixed.SQL
19/05/2021When displaying Nominal Transactions in the Detail screen and you click the [Print] button, you get an SQL syntax error. Fixed.SQL
19/05/2021The 'HeadCount' calculation featured in the Stock SALES report TOTALS (added in July 2020) did not calculate correctly. There was a glitch in the SQL Query that was counting the number of Stock items instead of the number of actual sales as the "HEADCOUNT". Fixed.SQL
18/05/2021You get an error 3265 if you print a Custom report for warehouse 1 that includes the BIN locatiuon field.SQL
17/05/2021Added a 'Recalc Nominal Period Totals' that starts with the a/c balance and works backwards recalculating the Brought Forwards and Period Totals (the other option starts with the BrFrwdPrev Year Total (copied from FIRST BF in LAST Year) and workd forwards recalculating the Brought Forwards and Period Totals.SQL
17/05/2021When printing Nominal Transactions HISTORY, it has never printed the heading of each period regardless of whether the box is ticked or not. Fixed.SQL
14/05/2021When converting from Acces Rev to SQL, it did not convert the SMTP Email info properly (records 'NV' in GeneralParms). This causes it to lump the whole 'NV' record as the FROM email address in the SMTP management screen in Terminal Prefs. Fixed.SQL
14/05/2021When amending a Rep's COMMISSION settings, Rev did not save the selected settings. Also, the Rep Analysis by Stock Category report did NOT add up and print the Totals per item (printed zeroes) so it did not calculate the Rep's Commission per category. Fixed.SQL
14/05/2021Had a case where the Current aged field was out for some Balance Forward Creditors. In the Fix - Validate routine, added code to set Current=Balance-(sum of other aged fields) in BALANCE FORWARD a/c's for Debtors/Creditors accounts where sum of aging did NOT = Balance.SQL
13/05/2021The Selective Drs/Crs Transaction Audit report printed the value of Foreign Currency transactions in LOCAL Currency. Fixed.SQL
13/05/2021When you display the list of Sales/Purchase Orders from those buttons on the Stock MASTER screen, it does NOT show BRANCH Orders. Fixed.SQL
13/05/2021IMPORT SPLITE: It will no longer skip the Import Split Supplier RefCode field. If you leave that Supplier RefCode field blank on a sub supplier's Import Split screen, it will display a warning.SQL
12/05/2021The changes made to ExtractStockData s/r to fix Quantity Discount problem (27 Apr) did NOT declare the OldExclPrice and OldInclPrice as CURRENCY variables so any price > R32000 gave an error resulting in it simply blanking out that document line.SQL
11/05/2021The Selective Drs/Crs report for UNALLOCATED amounts did NOT print correctly. Fixed.SQL
11/05/2021The Stock Sales TOP TEN report did NOT work properly. Fixed.SQL
11/05/2021User Override Passwords: If you leave a User Password blank (SysSetup), but still tick the "Allow this password as a Supervisor Override Password" box, it saves the 'blank' password as a User Override password. When prompted for a Supervisor Password, it allows you to just press [Enter] on a blank Password field and accepts it as a valid password! Fixed. Added code to ProLoad startup to check for blank User Override Passwords and remove them.SQL
10/05/2021To fix the CurrencyCode field in Sales/Purchase Orders (caused by the bug mentioned in the ProSOrd and ProPOrd bug fix also on 10 May 2021), added code to correct the CurrencyCode field in ALL Foreign Orders in OrderHdr.SQL
10/05/2021When saving a Sales or Purchase Order linked to a FOREIGN CURRENCY account, Rev did NOT save the Currency Code in the OrderHDR table. This causes problems showing the Local Order values on the Outstanding Order reports. Fixed.SQL
10/05/2021While Converting a Delivery Receipt to a GRN, you clicked the [Cancel] button on the main GRN screen (instead of [Save]), it reset the flgDelNote and flgDelNoteConvert flag variables and if you then clicked [Save], it saved it as a standard GRN (and did NOT create the 'CH' transaction cancelling the original 'CG' Delivery Receipt).SQL
09/05/2021The calculation of the Sales figures on the [History] tab of Debtor a/c's was NOT correct (during the Month End Update). Fixed. Added code to the ProLoad module to do a once off recalculate of these figures as well as added a Fix option (option 6 on the [Fix] dropdown) to recalculate those figures.SQL
07/05/2021If you initiate a FIND on any report printed to SCREEN and the report has 500 pages or more, it crashes with an Overflow Error (I used an Integer variable - max number=32767 - instead of a LONG variable). FixedSQL
06/05/2021When a Custom report was printed for a selected warehouse and it included Warehouse related fields (OnHand, Purch/Sales Orders, Min/Max levels, etc), it always printed the values for ALL warehouses. FixedSQL
06/05/2021The Selective Drs/Crs Transaction reports did NOT handle Foreign Currency values correctly. Fixed.SQL
06/05/2021The pressing of F6 to give a Settlement Discount in the Allocation screen did NOT always calculate the number of Days properly and gives the 'date falls outside the settlement discount allowed date range' error message. Fixed.SQL
05/05/2021If the printing of a Total Weight is enabled on Sales orders and Quotes, it printed an incrementing Weight per page if it is a multi-page document. Some clients just assumed that the weight printed on the FIRST page was the Total Weight causing truck loading problems. I have now modified it to only print the Total Weight on the LAST page.SQL
04/05/2021The Rolling Stock Sales/Purchases reports did not work correctly if a Debtor/Creditor Category was included as a parameter. Fixed.SQL
03/05/2021When using the [Search] option to search for a REF match, it did not work. Also, the old search search the leftmost part of the RefCode. It now search for an occurrence anywhere in the RefCode field.SQL
01/05/2021The Recon SEARCH option did not work if a Date was searched for (forgot to do a 'CAST(Date as Date)' in the SQL Query. Fixed.SQL
27/04/2021Parm$(168) now controls 'No minus amts in Cash Rec'd for Drs' in ProInv. If the checkbox on the [Billing] tab under SysPrefs is OFF, then make sure NoMinusReceipt.ini is deleted too (from old Ini file engine). That checkbox under [Billing] in System Prefs was originally controlled by the presence "NoMinusReceipt.ini" file. If that file is still present, Rev kept assuming that the box is also ticked. If you UNtick the box, I now check for and delete that INI file.SQL
23/04/2021When converting a Delivery Receipt to a GRN and amend a Stock item Price on the GRN, it sometimes does NOT write the COS Nominal leg when updating the Cost Price difference (it only writes the Stock Control a/c leg). Fixed.SQL
23/04/2021A mod I made 0n 20/12/2020 caused the Nominal HISTORY Tran report to print ZERO for the Balance Forward tran if the report was printed as a HISTORY report, but selecting the Current Period as the first period to print.SQL
23/04/2021The Outstanding Purchase Orders report sometimes hangs and also gives false data. There was a bug in the SQL query where an OR clause was NOT included in brackets (amongst ANDs). Also, changed the OrderTrn check to rather use the TRANKEY/HEADERKEY comparison instead of the AccNo comparison.SQL
23/04/2021Even if ticked, the Transaction NARRATIONS did NOT print on Creditor Remittances. Fixed.SQL
23/04/2021Did a major revamp of the Selective Debtors/Creditors Transactions report. There were reports of hanging, and Totals being wrong (when printed as Totals Only), etc, etc.SQL
22/04/2021There were still some issues with the calculating of the Age Analysis on BALANCE FORWARD Drs/Crs in the Month End Update. Fixed.SQL
22/04/2021When the Stock Discount Matrix is set to Markup on LATEST COST, it did NOT calculate correctly when printing the Price List With Margins (DREPORTS). This was a bug in the program. Same bug fixed in PROQUOT, PROSORD and AutoNill.SQL
19/04/2021ADDED: The new Altech NuPay engine for creating a Debit Order CSV file using the MPS Spreadsheet Bulk File GeneratorSQL
13/04/2021If you import a Purchase Order into a GRN, but change the imported Quantity to a bigger quantity, Rev would look for another outstanding order for that item and supplier and would deduct the extra quantity off of THAT order. However, it set the Still Owing on the 2nd order to ZERO regardless. Fixed. Also added the =S message to the 2nd Order with the GRN internal number on it.SQL
12/04/2021When doing PAST PERIOD Creditor journals (CA) that involved VAT, it also placed the Vat info (TaxCode, TaxType, Tax Value, etc) into the Creditors Control Nominal leg (should only be in the Expense a/c leg). This causes the Vat Transaction report to duplicate those Vat legs. Fixed. Also added a temporary fix into the VatReprt.exe module to reset any Vat/Tax info fields in Creditors Control legs in nTransArc.SQL
08/04/2021If you disabled the printing of Prices on Transfer OUT documents (on the [General] tab under System prefs), it still printed the prices on BRANCH ORDERS. FixedSQL
06/04/2021PCS reported a double onestop bookin happening in the BOM module? To try and prevent this in future, I have added a final check just before the writing away of the book IN to make sure that the Quantity being booked in PLUS the QtyCompleted field in the BOMJob record is <= to the original Job Quantity requested. If it is greater, the 2nd BookIn is skipped.SQL
06/04/2021The Selective Drs/Crs report sometimes printed incorrect Settlement Discount Totals (DD or CD) when the Single Credits box is ticked and for ALL warehouses.SQL
05/04/2021When you input a Superceded item into a GRN and it displays a Warning prompt, if you now click [No], it will replace the superceded item with the New item. It only aborts that line now if you click [Cancel].SQL
01/04/2021Added a Checkbox to allow a NEW Company to go into Capture Mode when first accessed.SQL
01/04/2021CAPTURE MODE: Fixed problems to do with Balance Forward calculations for Nominal acc's.SQL
01/04/2021When using the STOCK DEPT/CATEGORY WIZARD and you opt to create it for a selected Warehouse, it still allocates the default System a/c's (General Sales, COS Sales, etc) to ALL warehouses in the StockCatBin Category record - it now allocates the newly opened Nominal a/c's to the selected warehouse.SQL
31/03/2021The INTERNAL Number column is no longer displayed when displaying SALES QUOTE Headers.SQL
31/03/2021Printing the OUTSTANDING QUOTES report in REPCODE sequence gave an error 3265. Fixed.SQL
31/03/2021The printed Trial Balance showing MASTER ACCOUNT numbers only showed 7 digits. Fixed.SQL
24/03/2021When posting PAST PERIOD Crs/Drs Journals, it would sometimes freeze after clicking [Save]. Fixed.SQL
24/03/2021When emailing a SINGLE statement and you input a message to include in the actual email body, and you follow that with another SINGLE statement with NO email message, the message from the FIRST email gets included again. Fixed.SQL
24/03/2021Since the mod on 22 March, when exporting Creditor CURRENT transactions, you get an SQL Query syntax error.SQL
23/03/2021Had a report from a user that the invoice number reverted back to 000001 for no apparent reason? Added code in the IncrementDocNo s/r to rather prompt you to input a number as a last resort - if left as zero, it aborts the invoice.SQL
23/03/2021Modified the management of the User LOGON table to rather calculate the number of users currently logged on by counting the active terminals in the 'ZZ' record (Data field) in GeneralParms rather than using the SQL 'sp_who2' query that rather returns the number of active SQL Processes currently running which can be misleading.SQL
22/03/2021When EXPORTING Drs/Crs Transactions, it still tries to look for the 'UserNo' field even though I had exported it AS UserNumber. Fixed.SQL
22/03/2021Added a new Custom Download Bank Statement CSV setting. When did FNB start supplying this CSV format!!??? It stores numbers with COMMA separators in numeric values and the number is then placed in QUOTES because of the comma (eg: "123,456.78"). I had to add code to remove the quotes and commas. Jeez! This client must update from our website (RECONBNK.EXE) and will have to create a CUSTOM CSV Layout spec record in the Download Bank Statements section and tick the new "Remove Quotes..." box.SQL
21/03/2021When printing the TOTALS ONLY for the Selective Debtors/Creditors Transaction list, Rev said there was nothing to print. Fixed.SQL
21/03/2021The contents of BOM Recipes was NOT printed on SALES Orders even if the box was ticked on the [Orders] tab.SQL
21/03/2021When doing a Manufacture on-the-fly in the invoice module, the Average Cost of the Manufactured item was NOT calculated properly when it was booked in on the Invoice. Fixed.SQL
20/03/2021When EXPORTING the Drs/Crs CURRENT Transactions for a DATE range, it prints ALL current transactions regardless of the Date Range you specify. ALSO: When printing the Rolling Stock Sales/Purchases/Payments report and you include MANUALLY posted Invoices, you get an error if there are NONE in the Period selected.SQL
19/03/2021The 'Update Costs in recipe-based items' did gave errors whilst posting updates. Fixed.SQL
18/03/2021Fixed problems with Foreign Bank a/c Local Currency Balances. Also added code to fix the ASCII value in Reminder record's CODE field (Key='RM').on the fly at the start of a Month End.SQL
17/03/2021A PAST PERIOD Balance Sheet did NOT always calculate the account value correctly (especially just after a Year End).SQL
10/03/2021Introduced tighter control when amending or deleting Stock Categories as well as amending the Nominal Stock Control a/c's in Stock Categories - otherwise it causes descrepancies between Stock Valuations and the Nominal Stock Control a/c's. 2. When you amend Stock CODES, there was a bug that caused it to NOT update the stockcode in Bill of Materials Recipes. Fixed.SQL
08/03/2021In the Audit selective Drs/Crs transaction list, added a WAHREHOUSE column (Wh).SQL
25/02/2021Made changes to the Month End code that handles BALANCE FORWARD Debtor/Creditor a/c's. It also did not calculate BF a/c Age Analysis properly. Fixed. Also Modified some similar issues in the Fix - Validate code. SQL
24/02/2021When a user posts a REFUND for a Debtor (using the Receipt opton in an Invoice module by enteringa minus amount), it still prompted the user to ALLOCATE it (as if it was a payment). This caused the Age Analysis to go out. Fixed.SQL
23/02/2021Since the fix of the obscure bug in the Invoice module on 9 Feb, Debtor Receipts processed through the Invoice module did NOT appear in the Debtor a/c. Fixed.SQL
17/02/2021The [Movement History] tab under Stock sometimes did not show the 'Average' values row. Fixed.SQL
17/02/2021Removed some code from the CheckForDisabledMenuOptions s/r as it caused the Branch Transfers button on the Workflow screen to NOT display or be active - even if enabled. Fixed.SQL
17/02/2021When manufacturing a MASTER Recipe, Rev does NOT check whether there are enough Components (stock) OnHand in each Recipe to complete the requested Manufacture. Fixed.SQL
17/02/2021When using the Font slider control on Reports on the Preview screen, it does not scale Fonts where the Font size was specified in the Rev BuildLine command. eg: Stock Valuation report. Removed the Font declaration in the BuildLine commands.SQL
17/02/2021When a Rental package tries to connect to the FTP Server to confirm payment, if fails and hangs. Seems to be caused by recent changes that cause problems with FTP Comms in ACTIVE mode. Changed it to PASSIVE mode and it now appears Ok.SQL
15/02/2021The mods made to the processing of a Credit Note that Imported an Invoice did NOT allocate it to the selected invoice and left it as an UNallocated amount. Fixed.SQL
15/02/2021When using the Stocktake 'Set Counted status' option, some of the options return a SQL syntax error in the query. Fixed.SQL
13/02/2021ADDED: A new report: 'Outstanding Debtor Invoices by Due Date' under the Age Analysis option. The Due Date is the Number of Days in each Debtor record added to the Invoice date. If Terms is <= 0 then it assumes 7 days.SQL
11/02/2021When processing Sundry Payments/Deposits that include Drs/Crs entries and you post multiple entries to the SAME a/c, it caused Rev to 'hang'. Probably caused because I call the AllocCredit function from inside the BEGIN..COMMIT code and SQL is probably waiting for a record to be released. Moved some of the offending code to outside the BEGIN..COMMIT code.SQL
10/02/2021When using the {Searcg] option in the Bank Recon module, nothing was displayed if you left all the fields blank. Fixed.SQL
10/02/2021If you reset the Delivery Method in one or more Debtor a/c's to None, it still displayed a Delivery Method. Caused by a flaw in the IIF() code in LoadFields. Fixed.SQL
10/02/2021When selecting to emial a Purchase Order to a Supplier and you click the downarrow in the Email Address field, it would display a whole list of email addresses not pertaining to the Order account. Fixed.SQL
10/02/2021When importing a Sales QUOTE into an Invoice, it sometimes made the Price 0.00. Fixed.SQL
10/02/2021The Help buttons (usually [?]) on various screens still used the old SendKeys command which does NOT work in Windows 8/10. Changed it to: CreateObject("WScript.Shell").SendKeys "{F1}", TrueSQL
29/09/2021When AMENDING a Service Job, it loads the Job into the Amend screen. There was a bug in the LoadJob routine that caused it to sometimes not reread/confirm the Nominal Contra SALES a/c for stock items on the existing job. This caused it to contra the Sales value to the default General Sales a/c. Fixed.SQL W/M
22/08/2021Reports that Internal Jobs were being shows and printed as standard CASH Jobs. The 'InternalJobYN' flag was a new field added to the WMJobMaster table when we introduced Internal Jobs and so it sometimes has a null in it. My code to check if that field contained a 'True' setting was faulty so it kept thinking it was a standard Cash Job. Fixed.SQL W/M
13/08/2021When you reopen more than 1 job card (Credit note is done), the system only populates the Vat on the credit note for the last invoice and not for all the invoices. Fixed.SQL W/M
10/08/2021The W/M Manufacturing Template module did NOT UNlock the fields at the top (from 2 to 18) - these are the Job Type/Status, Custom fields and Notes field. Fixed.SQL W/M
28/07/2021When closing a Manufacturing Job, changes made in June 2021 caused it to post strange double-double entries to Work In Progress a/c. Fixed.SQL W/M
28/07/2021The array size for BMark() in frmJobDisplay (WODispl.frm) was still set at 8 (for Access Rev). Caused peculiar scrolling issues when displaying large jobs. Changed to 17.SQL W/M
13/07/2021When amending Job QUOTES, there have been cases where lines on the Quote were duplicated? Added code to prevent and fix this when you amend a quote.SQL W/M
02/07/2021When reopening a SINGLE Service Job there was a syntax error in the Nominal Credit Note Update queries (I forgot to allow for apostrophes in the Debtor AccNo). Fixed.SQL W/M
24/06/2021When amending a Service or Manufacture Job and you simply delete ALL the lines on the Job Card and click [Save], if the OnHand+the Job Qty =0, you get a division by zero error in the NewAvrgCost calculation. Fixed.SQL W/M
22/06/2021When searching for a Job/Quote and you used the Job Number field at the bottom-left of the Find Job screen, I always padded the number entered with leading zeroes before searching for it. This caused problems where WM was set to use MANUALLY entered Job Numbers. It now only pads with zeroes if the Manually Entered Job numbers is DISABLED.SQL W/M
22/06/2021When a user sets the WM to MANUALLY input Job/Quote numbers, it prompts you to input a unique number when you click [Save]. However, if you input an already used number, Rev is supposed to warn you. This error message did NOT display because of a bug in the Alert message code, so it simply prompts you for a unique number again. Fixed.SQL W/M
25/05/2021When processing a Debtor Receipt in these 2 Workshop Invoice modules, the search by INVOICE No. did NOT work. Fixed.SQL W/M
24/05/2021When printing the Service History by SerialNo report, it did not print it in SerialNo sequence (and the Incremental Key did not work). FixedSQL W/M
24/05/2021ADDED: A new option to REOPEN a CLOSED Job (one only) that prints a DETAILED Invoice (unlike the old =J option) and it reverses the the Nominal and Vat Transactions exactly (as opposed to recalculating those values).SQL W/M
18/05/2021The handling of the Message Line length in LQ Layouts did not work correctly causing a long message to not wrap around. Fixed.SQL W/M
18/05/2021When amending a Workshop Purchase order linked to a Service Job Card, you get and SQL Query syntax error. Fixed.SQL W/M
26/04/2021Since adding the new Job BUDGET field, you sometimes get a fatal (crash) error when you type in a partial stockcode and press [Enter] when amending a Service Job. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/03/2021Also search for Job/Quote numbers that do NOT use leading zeroes (ie: manually entered numbers).SQL W/M
08/03/2021When selecting the [Display Job] option on the initial Job List screen, the Job Display screen defaults to the [Email] button? Changed it to the [Select] button.SQL W/M
05/03/2021In my attempts to speed up the saving of AMENDED JOB CARDS (Service only), I tried using a single concatenated update query that contained multiple queries separated by a ; (in WSQL$). However, the concatenating of the query also took place in the 'NominalUpdate' S/R. Right at the end of the update process, Rev does one more round of Nominal updating (WorkInProgress and Stock Control a/c's) and I did NOT check for and Write the last WSQL Concatenated Query to SQL! Fixed.SQL W/M
16/02/2021When you are closing and invoicing a Job, I now check one more time if the selected Job has already been closed/invoiced AS YOU CLICK THE [SAVE] BUTTON. Rudamans reported being able to close and invoice the same job twice. Before I only checked if the job was already closed when you first select to close it.SQL W/M
11/02/2021The Workshop Work-in-Progress report printed nothing if the ALL Warehouses option is selected. Fixed.SQL W/M
08/02/2021The [Next] and [Prev] Job arrows on the Job Display screen were never enabled in the SQL version. Fixed.SQL W/M
06/02/2021There were problems with the TaxCode field (Invalid Taxcode error) when amending a QUOTE Template. Fixed.SQL W/M
05/02/2021When a WM Job is closed using the abbreviated WM Invoice module (WMsInv), it miscalculated the Total Cost of the Job that is saved in the Invoice Header. Fixed. Also added code to the Form Activate s/r in RepReprt.exe to recalculate ALL Total Costs on Invoices and Credit Notes.SQL W/M
20/01/2021Added a Print option to Manufacturing Job Templates to export a breakdown of any Sub Assemblies in a Job Template.SQL W/M
30/12/2020After Amending a Service Job Card and you select to Close and Invoice that Job from the After Menu and you select the NO PRINT INVOICE option, it still printed the Invoice. Fixed.SQL W/M
23/12/2020In the frmTemplateParse module, the 'WMTemplateMAST' table specified in the SQL Query should have been 'WMTemplateTRANS'. Fixed.SQL W/M
09/12/2020There was a syntax error in the Job Header SQL Query (an extra ' in the DateOpened field). FixedSQL W/M
08/12/2020When using the Workshop abbreviated Invoice module to close/invoice jobs, it applied the TOTAL Cost of the entire job to EACH Job Category (Parts, Outwork and Labour).SQL W/M
27/11/2020When amending a Job Card (Serial or Manufacturing) that has a serialised stock item on it and you select to change to an item with a different serial number, the Serial Number grid only lists NON-SOLD Serial Numbers (so you cannot DE-select the original Serial Number. Fixed.SQL W/M
18/11/2020When you try to REOPEN a CANCELLED Manufacturing Job, you get an error 3265. Fixed.SQL W/M
30/10/2020The Workshop Stock Movements report gave an error 424 when you specified a Stock Category Range. Fixed.SQL W/M
02/09/2020Had reports of the Workshop detailed Invoice value NOT being the same as the actual Job Card value when saved to disk when the Debtor was set to INCLusive Invoices. Added code to check this and abort if found. Also, when you select to Invoice a Job immediately from the Job Card AFTER menu, you get a 3251 error (there was an old Access Index command left in the SQL code).SQL W/M
19/08/2020For CASH Jobs, in the 'Client Details' screen, typing in part of the Client's Name and clicking the downarrow never finds anything (blank screen). Also the Incremental Search option does not always work. Fixed.SQL W/M
15/08/2020Made mods to speed up the writing of Amended Job Cards to disk (2020/08/11). Later fixed a bug caused by those modsSQL W/M
06/08/2020The [ProForma Invoice] option was left out of the Detailed Workshop Invoice module when first converted due to time constraints. It is now there.SQL W/M
29/07/2020When creating a WORKSHOP Purchase Order and you add a NEW Delivery Address, it does NOT appear in the Order's Delivery Address field when you select it. Fixed.SQL W/M
24/07/2020When writing a Workshop GRN to disk, there are references to aRepCode field in the Job record (that was never retrieved) and this causes an error. Fixed.SQL W/M
14/07/2020If you tried to Print/Email a Job Card for a FOREIGN Debtor, you got an error 91 because it was trying to read the Currency Rate from the MoveHdr table (?) instead of GeneralParms. Fixed.SQL W/M
01/07/2020If the Multi-WAREHOUSE mode is enabled and you open a Job Card in a warehouse number > 1 and you then use the Detailed Invoice module to close and invoice it, it always posts the Nominal contra entries from the Stock Category to the Nominal a/c's for Warehouse ONE. Fixed.SQL W/M
01/07/2020When closing/invoicing a Job Card using the TOTALS-ONLY invoice module, itremoved values from the WIP Nominal a/c for Odd/Service items that had NOT been put in the WIP a/c when the Job was created. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/05/2020There was a bug in the WriteInvToDisk routine in the Detailed Job Closure Invoice module when the Debtor concerned was set to the INCLUSIVE Invoice type. This caused the TaxValue figure in the nTrans record to sometimes show an inflated figure. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/05/2020When a JOB CARD was reopened (via a CreditNote in this module), the rounding would sometimes cause the Creditnote to be rejected as it "did not balance" when checked by the value check at the beginning of the WriteInvToDisk routine. Fixed.SQL W/M
28/03/2020When you try to REOPEN a CASH Workshop JobCard, it does nothing (it just exits after selecting the Cash Job). Caused by the code looking for the Contact in a DEBTOR record. Fixed.SQL W/M
11/03/2020There were problems with the Partial Closing/Invoicing of Workshop Service Jobs. Fixed. Also some problems with amending Partially Closed Jobs. Fixed.SQL W/M
09/03/2020ADDED: If you click the [Covert to Debtor] button on the 'Client Details' confirmation screen, it checks for an existing Debtor and asks if you want to convert the Cash Job to an EXISTING Debtor (and displays the Debtor Search grid).SQL W/M
09/03/2020Still getting reports that, when closing/invoicing a Debtor Job )detailed invoice option), it closes the wrong job for the wrong debtor? Made further changes to stop this. Also added a check after you click [Save] when closing and invoicing a Job that checks that it is the correct Job for the correct Debtor account. It will ask for confirmation if it thinks there is a problem and you can cancel the Job closure at that point.SQL W/M
04/03/2020When using the Workshop GRN option to process a GRN WITHOUT importing a Purchase order, it doubled up the COST price that was added to the Job Card.SQL W/M
17/02/2020When amending Job Cards/Quotes, there have been reports that Rev sometimes adds a bunch of blank lines after the last actual lione on the job/quote. This leads to blank lines/pages being printed/emailed when the job is printed. Added code in the Amend routine that now checks for the LAST active line in the job card and sets that Job Line number to the LAST line in the job.SQL W/M
10/02/2020Moved all [Advanced] Workshop System parameters that were .INI file controlled to also be controlled by WPrm$() Workshop System Parms array.SQL W/M
31/01/2020There were still problems with the Contact with Debtor Jobs/Quotes. Added a new 'ContactNo' field to WMJobMaster to cater for this.SQL W/M
28/01/2020When closing and invoicing a Debtor Job (detailed), it would replace the RepCode in the JobCard with the RepCode in the Debtor record. Fixed.SQL W/M
15/01/2020When Contact Names are NOT stored in the Contacts table, Rev is supposed to fall back on using the Contact name in the Job Card/Quote Contact field. This was not working properly which resulted in a '0' appearing in the Contact field on screen (and Client Details screen). Fixed.SQL W/M
15/01/2020When closing and Invoicing a Job, it would replace the RepCode from the Job Card with the default RepCode in User$(69)? Fixed. Also, there was a conflict between setting focus on the txFldNo field (at the bottom) and using the Incremental Search engine to locate a Job. Fixed.SQL W/M
15/01/2020For some reason the old XtraParms$ variable Dim'd at the top of the FindQuote form did NOT retain its contents after leaving the LoadGrid subroutine? This causes the Incremental Search in the Find form to included CLOSED Jobs when in Amend mode. Created a Global variable SQLXtraParms$ and used that instead. Fixed.SQL W/M
10/01/2020Under Workshop Terminal Prefs, on the [Job Labels] tab, if you select a Label Layout and click [Save], it does NOT save it in the correct table (it puts it in the GeneralParms table instead of ReportParms). This causes an error message (You have not set up the Label Parms...) when you try and print Job Tracking Labels. Fixed.SQL W/M
05/12/2019There were problems with the updating of Serial Number records when existing Jobs were updated. This resulted in the Status field in Serial Number records NOT being reset to 'N' (available) if a Serial Number was removed from a Job Card. Also, the size of some of the Serialxxxx fields in the TempFile TYPE array were still at 17 (should be 19).SQL W/M
02/12/2019There is now an option to print ESTIMATE instead of QUOTE on Service Job Quotes. You must enable this function on the [General] tab under Workshop System Prefs (tick the 'Use 'Estimate' as the document title on Job Quotes box).SQL W/M
28/11/2019If you selected to immediately invoice a CASH JOB from the Amend a Job After Menu, you got mixed up error messages because the Invoice module thinks it is a DEBTOR job. Fixed.SQL W/M
25/11/2019You can now add INTERNAL Notes to Service Job Cards and Quotes that are NOT printed on the Job Cards or Quotes - you can only view them when displaying the Job Cards / Quotes.You must enable this function on the [General] tab under Workshop System Prefs (tick the 'Prompt for Internal Notes on Service Jobs + Quotes' box).SQL W/M
25/11/2019You can now 'convert' a CASH Service Job or Quote to a DEBTOR Job/Quote from the Client Details window displayed at the start of editing the CASH Job/Quote. It first opens a NEW Debtor a/c on the fly based on the details you entered into the Client Details screen.SQL W/M
25/11/2019Increased the Workshop Labour Rate Code to 2 chars (was 1) allowing Codes from '00' through 'ZZ'. So now there are 1296 Labour Codes. On entering the Workshop Manager, it checks if the existing Labour Rate Codes are still 1 character and adds a Prefix of '0' (zero) to make them 2 chars long (00 thru 0Z). It also updates Labour Rate Codes to 2 chars in all existing Job Cards/Quotes and Templates. It then adds new Labour Rates from 10 thru ZZ.SQL W/M
24/11/2019When closing/invoicing a Job that has Vat on it, but the Debtor master record is set to NOT charge Vat, Rev tries to backcalculate the EXCLUSIVE values as if the Totals on the Job are INCLUSIVE which makes the Invoice Totals LESS than the Job Card total. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/11/2019If you amended a blank job card and still did NOT add any lines to it, it crashed with an SQL 'COMMIT ERROR' when you tried to save it??? Coded around it...SQL W/M
04/11/2019When opening a CASH JOB/QUOTE, the Cash Till Nominal Account Number saved in the Job Card HEADER record was only 7 digits. This has NO effect on the actual postings to the general ledger.SQL W/M
04/11/2019When closing a Job using the TOTALS ONLY Invoice module, the OnHands in stock items included in the Job Card being closed were reduced AGAIN by the quantity specified on the job card. FixedSQL W/M
28/10/2019When using the Mass Stock option to add stock items to multiple jobs, it did NOT create Nominal ledger entries.SQL W/M
17/10/2019Some of the code related to Labour, #C, PurchOrderLinks, etc still assumed 5 digit Nominal a/c numbers causing the nominal legs associated with Stock Control, etc to NOT get posted.SQL W/M
04/10/2019When you close a CASH JOB (using the Detailed Invoice option), if you added a Narration, it did NOT get attached to the nominal transactions and the Tender Type (K,C,Q,etc) was NOT attached to the RefCode in the Nominal transactions (only the Invoice No.). This meant that the Cash Till Recon report did NOT allocate that invoice to the correct Tender Totals.SQL W/M
18/09/2019When REOPENING a Job Card for an Open Item DEBTOR a/c and the invoice created when the Job Card was closed has NOT been paid (ie: the amount owing on it is the same as the Job Card value), the Credit Note created by the Re-Open process will be Auto-Allocated to that invoice. Before, it always popped up the Allocation window and the operator had to manually allocate it to that invoice.SQL W/M
13/09/2019If the Rev Terminal Preferences are set to print 2 CASH SLIPS for a Cash Sale, the Workshop Detailed Job Invoice module only printed ONE slip. The Abbreviated Invoice module does print 2. Fixed.SQL W/M
03/09/2019ADDED: There is now an option button that allows you to process a Workshop GRN without having to first process a Purchase Order (to import into the Workshop GRN).SQL W/M
05/07/2019Since adding separate Custom Field NAMES for Manufacturing Jobs in SQL, there were some mixups in various modules where some of the Manufacturing modules still looked at the old Service Custom field names. Also, in the Workshop Setup module, the fields in the Job Instructions table got mixed up with the Manufacturing Custom field Names.SQL W/M
02/07/2019When CLOSING a Manufacturing Job, when it created the Stock Movement Inwards record of the item being manufactured, it set the 'Factor' field to -1. This has the effect of making it look like the item was moving OUWARDS instead of INWARDS (the quantity in the movement records shows a NEGATIVE value).SQL W/M
24/06/2019Printing Invoices on a Leter Quality Cash SLIP printer in the DETAILED Workshop Invoice module never worked (both Access and SQL). Fixed.SQL W/M
18/06/2019ADDED: When searching for Job Cards/Quotes, you can now use the old Incremental Search function on the Search screen (by just starting to type the code of job you want). To search a different column, simply click the title field of that column and again type what you are searching for.SQL W/M
12/06/2019When closing and booking in a MANUFACTURING Job, you sometimes get a Syntax Error in one of the SQL Queries. Fixed.SQL W/M
04/06/2019The mods made on 21 May 19 highlighted a long-standing bug where the Sales amount value of ODD (#O) and Labour (#L) items on a Job Card being closed using the Detailed Invoice option were sometimes NOT posted to the Nominal a/c specified when the that item was added to the Job Card originally. FixedSQL W/M
21/05/2019When closing/invoicing a Job Card (detailed), it always used the Nominal a/c in the Job Card's 'NomContra' field for the SALES a/c. Changed it to now used the Sales a/c specified in each Stock item's CATEGORY (in the StockCatBin table). The WMsInv invoice module (Totals ony) worked correctly.SQL W/M
08/05/2019INTERNAL JOBS: If you added a stock item with a zero Cost Price to an Internal Job card (and used =P to change the price during editing), the Totals on the Job Card excluded the value of that item when you CLOSED the job (internal jobs are based on the COST price of line items). Modified the code to place the value in the PRICE column into the COST PRICE field in the database which corrected this.SQL W/M
09/04/2019If you amend the '0' to '9' range of Labour Rate records (Nom. a/c's, VatCode, Cost Price), it kept reverting them to the original default everytime you exited and re-accessed the Workshop System Preferences.SQL W/M
26/03/2019When 'UseCOSaccount.ini' (Use COS a/c in Stock Category in Manufacture instead of Wages Recovered a/c) was set and you amended a SERVICE item on a Man.Job Card from a ZERO quantity to a NON-ZERO quantity, it did NOT update the Stock Control a/c (or WIP a/c) for the Job. However, when the Job was CLOSED, it would take the full value of the Job (including that service item) out of the WIP a/c and book it into the Stock Control a/c.SQL W/M
04/03/2019If you selected to REOPEN a Job Card via a Credit Note and the original Invoice had more items (or another Job Card) on it as well, the Credit Note incorrectly kept the original Invoices' VAT amount causing an imbalance. FixedSQL W/M
01/03/2019ADDED: When printing Outstanding Workshop Quotes, you can now choose the DATE RANGE to be for either the Date EXPIRED or Date ISSUED.SQL W/M
01/03/2019The CUSTOM Search for a Job Card using the QUOTE number did not work properly.SQL W/M
01/03/2019The option to print a PACKING SLIP for the GRN did NOT work in the Workshop GRN module.SQL W/M
18/02/2019If you select to close a Job in the Detailed Invoice module and you import it into an invoice and then click anywhere in the body of the invoice (before finishing it), the body section goes into a scrolling loop.SQL W/M
31/01/2019ADDED: INTERNAL Jobs are now a dedicated option (no longer just a different kind of Cash Job).SQL W/M
30/01/2019ADDED: When ReOpening a CANCELLED Service Job, you now have the option of ReOpening it with the same Job Number as the Cancelled one. If you Click [No], it will allocate a NEW Job Number when the Job is ReOpened.SQL W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: You can now reprint Job Card LABELS for existing Job QUOTES as well.SQL W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: In the CUSTOM Search for a Job Card, you can now search using the Job QUOTE Number that a Job Card was converted from.SQL W/M
16/01/2019ADDED: The '=M' Directive to all Job Card modules in the Workshop Manager (SQL only)SQL W/M
12/11/2018ADDED: You can now allocate a budget to Service Jobs. If you add something to a Service job that causes it to EXCEED that budget, it will be rejected. There is an option on the Workshop System Preferences screen to ENABLE Job Card Budgets.SQL W/M
07/11/20181. When converting an Access Workshop Manager, it did not check for and add the new Labour Rates 0 thru 9. It now does this when going into the Workshop Setup module. 2. The WSysetup Version number did NOT display at the top of the window. 3. When creating a NEW Employee, it gave it an Employee Number of "False". Fixed.SQL W/M
05/11/2018ADDED: The option to print a list of MANUFACTURING Job QUOTES when selecting to print the Outstanding Job Quotes report.SQL W/M
05/11/2018When importing a Manufacturing QUOTE into a Job Card, it did NOT warn you if that Quote had already been imported into a Job Card. Fixed.SQL W/M
05/11/2018The Manufacturing QUOTEs module did NOT print "Manufacturing QUOTE" on the printed quote.SQL W/M
31/10/2018The Workshop Stock Movement report did not report on ALL the workshop movements. Fixed.SQL W/M
07/10/2018You can now amend the Stock item being Manufactured on a MANUFACTURING JOB QUOTE.SQL W/M
04/09/2018After upgrading the maximum number of lines on a Job Card/Quote a few years back, I forgot to increase the length of the LineFlags$ string that I use to flag updated lines when doing a Job Card Amend. Fixed.SQL W/M
02/09/2018When trying to DELETE/CANCEL a Service or Manufacturing Job, it gives an error after you click [Yes] to DELETE it.SQL W/M
30/08/2018If you Amended a Job Card and saved it and then selected to amend ANOTHER job card from the the After Menu, it did NOT remove the Job card line items from memory that you just amended.SQL W/M
30/08/2018ReOpening a Closed Job Card did NOT workSQL W/M
30/08/2018When using 8 digit Nominal AccNo's, the Vat Code on LABOUR entries used an invalid Code resulting in NO vat being charged on the Labour entries.SQL W/M
23/08/2018If you called up a Job Card (to DELETE, etc), it sometimes gives an SQL Query syntax error because it tries to convert the Contact to a number using the VAL() statement. Changed it to a NOT IS NUMERIC()SQL W/M
22/08/2018The printing of STANDARD Stock labels crashed when you tried to print labels for just a SINGLE stock item.SQL W/M
22/08/2018The Workshop Odd Item screen did NOT handle 8 digit Nominal AccNo's properly (gave an error). Fixed.SQL W/M
27/06/2018ADDED Option to MANUALLY input Service JOB Numbers and Job QUOTE NumbersSQL W/M
20/07/2017When you amend the Quantity of an existing item on a Job Card, the values posted to the Nominal WIP a/c and Stock Control a/c were not calculated correctly. Fixed.SQL W/M
13/07/2021When amending Job QUOTES, there have been cases where lines on the Quote were duplicated? Added code to prevent and fix this when you amend a quote.W/M
20/01/2021Added a Print option to Manufacturing Job Templates to export a breakdown of any Sub Assemblies in a Job Template.W/M
08/12/2020When using the Workshop abbreviated Invoice module to close/invoice jobs, it applied the TOTAL Cost of the entire job to EACH Job Category (Parts, Outwork and Labour).W/M
01/07/2020If the Multi-WAREHOUSE mode is enabled and you open a Job Card in a warehouse number > 1 and you then use the Detailed Invoice module to close and invoice it, it always posts the Nominal contra entries from the Stock Category to the Nominal a/c's for Warehouse ONE. Fixed.W/M
01/07/2020When closing/invoicing a Job Card using the TOTALS-ONLY invoice module, itremoved values from the WIP Nominal a/c for Odd/Service items that had NOT been put in the WIP a/c when the Job was created. Fixed.W/M
24/11/2019When closing/invoicing a Job that has Vat on it, but the Debtor master record is set to NOT charge Vat, Rev tries to backcalculate the EXCLUSIVE values as if the Totals on the Job are INCLUSIVE which makes the Invoice Totals LESS than the Job Card total. Fixed.W/M
18/09/2019When REOPENING a Job Card for an Open Item DEBTOR a/c and the invoice created when the Job Card was closed has NOT been paid (ie: the amount owing on it is the same as the Job Card value), the Credit Note created by the Re-Open process will be Auto-Allocated to that invoice. Before, it always popped up the Allocation window and the operator had to manually allocate it to that invoice.W/M
17/09/2019The mod made on 2019/04/05 to ensure that the correct INVOICE (used when closing a Job) was used when REOPENING that Job Card did NOT truncate the Account numbers in the Job Table and the MoveHdr table when comparing them. So, if the Job had a short a/c number (eg: Z99), it showed up as Z99 with 4 trailing spaces in the Job file, but was just Z99 in the MoveHdr table. Rev regarded this as a mismatch this caused it to NOT retrieve the VAT from the Invoice when creating the Credit Note. Fixed.W/M
13/09/2019If the Rev Terminal Preferences are set to print 2 CASH SLIPS for a Cash Sale, the Workshop Detailed Job Invoice module only printed ONE slip. The Abbreviated Invoice module does print 2. Fixed.W/M
24/06/2019Printing Invoices on a Leter Quality Cash SLIP printer in the DETAILED Workshop Invoice module never worked (both Access and SQL). Fixed.W/M
04/06/2019The mods made on 21 May 19 highlighted a long-standing bug where the Sales amount value of ODD (#O) and Labour (#L) items on a Job Card being closed using the Detailed Invoice option were sometimes NOT posted to the Nominal a/c specified when the that item was added to the Job Card originally. FixedW/M
21/05/2019When closing/invoicing a Job Card (detailed), it always used the Nominal a/c in the Job Card's 'NomContra' field for the SALES a/c. Changed it to now used the Sales a/c specified in each Stock item's CATEGORY (in the StockCatBin table). The WMsInv invoice module (Totals ony) worked correctly.W/M
08/05/2019INTERNAL JOBS: If you added a stock item with a zero Cost Price to an Internal Job card (and used =P to change the price during editing), the Totals on the Job Card excluded the value of that item when you CLOSED the job (internal jobs are based on the COST price of line items). Modified the code to place the value in the PRICE column into the COST PRICE field in the database which corrected this.W/M
05/04/2019The code added on 2018/11/30 to try and prevent the reversing of the WRONG invoice/job if a corruption in Rev caused it to issue the same invoice number when closing a number of jobs caused it to have problems when reopeing a CASH job.W/M
26/03/2019When 'UseCOSaccount.ini' (Use COS a/c in Stock Category in Manufacture instead of Wages Recovered a/c) was set and you amended a SERVICE item on a Man.Job Card from a ZERO quantity to a NON-ZERO quantity, it did NOT update the Stock Control a/c (or WIP a/c) for the Job. However, when the Job was CLOSED, it would take the full value of the Job (including that service item) out of the WIP a/c and book it into the Stock Control a/c.W/M
04/03/2019If you selected to REOPEN a Job Card via a Credit Note and the original Invoice had more items (or another Job Card) on it as well, the Credit Note incorrectly kept the original Invoices' VAT amount causing an imbalance. FixedW/M
01/03/2019ADDED: When printing Outstanding Workshop Quotes, you can now choose the DATE RANGE to be for either the Date EXPIRED or Date ISSUED.W/M
01/03/2019The CUSTOM Search for a Job Card using the QUOTE number did not work properly.W/M
01/03/2019The option to print a PACKING SLIP for the GRN did NOT work in the Workshop GRN module.W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: You can now reprint Job Card LABELS for existing Job QUOTES as well.W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: In the CUSTOM Search for a Job Card, you can now search using the Job QUOTE Number that a Job Card was converted from.W/M
20/11/2018If Rev issues the same Invoice number a couple of times when closing a Job Card and you then try to REOPEN that Job card where the Workshop Manager Credits the Invoice, Rev may pick up the WRONG Invoice (because there are more that one with the same number), this causes peculiar things to happen when the wrong invoice is imported. Made mods to check that it imports the right invoice.W/M
05/11/2018ADDED: The option to print a list of MANUFACTURING Job QUOTES when selecting to print the Outstanding Job Quotes report.W/M
05/11/2018When importing a Manufacturing QUOTE into a Job Card, it did NOT warn you if that Quote had already been imported into a Job Card. Also, when converting a Manufacturing QUOTE to a Job Card, it now flags that Quote as having been imported into a Job. Fixed.W/M
05/11/2018The Manufacturing QUOTEs module did NOT print "Manufacturing QUOTE" on the printed quote.W/M
31/10/2018The Workshop Stock Movement report did not report on ALL the workshop movements. Fixed.W/M
09/10/2018If you REprinted a Letter Quality Job Card/Quote and the selected to print another one straight away, the second one would fail with an error 52 (Bad filename or number). This happened because an incorrectly spelled variable name was used which reset the PrintQuality to DRAFT.W/M
07/10/2018You can now amend the Stock item being Manufactured on a MANUFACTURING JOB QUOTE.W/M
04/09/2018After upgrading the maximum number of lines on a Job Card/Quote a few years back, I forgot to increase the length of the LineFlags$ string that I use to flag updated lines when doing a Job Card Amend. Fixed.W/M
22/08/2018The mod made in July 2018 seems to cause a condition where the VAT on a Zero-Rated Job Card ends up being -.01 when you try and close and invoice it. Fixed.W/M
19/07/2018Sometimes get an error message that the Totals do not agree when processing a Credit Note to REOPEN a SERVICE JOB. Fixed this in the normal Rev Invoice module. Applied the same fix to the Workshop Invoice module.W/M
12/07/2018The mods made on 5 July 2018 to fix problems with the Vat calculation when reopening a Job, now caused problems with the Vat when CLSOING a Job. Fixed.W/M
05/07/2018When REOPENING a Job Card, the Vat was sometimes NOT calculated correctly.W/M
09/05/2018Added to both Wrkshop Invoice modules: If a COD Debtor a/c has a Credit Balance large than the Invoice being processed, then do NOT force a PAYMENT as part of the invoice.W/M
06/04/2018If the PRICE and TAXCODE fields are active on a Job Card/Quote, when you press [Enter] in the PRICE field, it jumps to the QUANTITY field (it skips the TAXCODE field). If the PRICE field is NOT active, it does NOT do this. Fixed.W/M
15/11/2017In the ExportQuotesAnalysis option (to Excel) , some Excel variable CONSTANTS were NOT defined which caused the export to crash with an error 1004: Global Const xlEdgeRight As Long = 10, xlEdgeBottom As Long = 9W/M
26/09/2017The MRP report gave an error 3021 if you selected a Report SEQUENCE other than Stockcode. No way around this so the Sequence field is set to Stockcode and greyed out from now on.W/M
13/09/2017When a Manufacturing Job had been partially closed and then the Quantity to be Manufactured was modified (or the Job itself was modified), it did NOT remove all Work In Progress amounts from the WIP Nominal a/c when the Job was finally closed. Fixed.W/M
20/07/2017When you amend the Quantity of an existing item on a Job Card, the values posted to the Nominal WIP a/c and Stock Control a/c were not calculated correctly. Fixed.W/M
27/06/2017When you AMENDED an active Job or Job Quote that had a Date OPENED that was older than the beginning of the LAST Financial Year, the Job's Opened date and Date Promised were set to the CURRENT System Date. This was a mod done in 2004. No idea why it was done. Removed this mod.W/M
02/05/2017If the Round to Nearest x cents was set to a higher value (eg: 50c), the Vat amount posted to the actual Vat Nominal a/c sometimes went out by a few cents. This had been catered for in the standard Rev Invoice module, but it had never been implemented in the Workshop Invoice modules. Fixed.W/M
11/04/2017When using the =J option to close a Debtor Job Card using the TOTALS ONLY Invoice module, it did NOT pull the Trade Discount value from the Debtor Master record through to the Overall Discount field of the Invoice. Fixed.W/M
30/03/2017If you left the Stockcode column out of a LQ Job Card layout, you get an error 380 when trying to print the Job Card/Quote. Fixed.W/M
02/03/2017ADDED: The option (under Workshop Manager > Setup > Workshop User Preferences) to prompt for a Supervisor Password to Amend a Service or Manufacturing Job Card.W/M
01/02/2017The Partial Job Card Invoice module did NOT work properly when the Workshop Manager Invoices were set to SINGLE LINE descriptions - message lines (#S and #T) sometimes acquired values when selected to be invoiced (after scrolling up and down) and NO Vat was charged.W/M
24/01/2017If the "Allow Vat on Foreign Quotes, Orders, Invoices..." box is ticked (Setup > System Prefs > [General] tab) and the "Charge tax on on Sales?" box is UNticked in a LOCAL CURRENCY Debtor a/c, when you add a LABOUR entry (=L) to a Service Job Card/Quote, it defaults to TaxCode 1 thereby charging Vat on the Labour. Fixed.W/M
15/12/2016If more than one =C entry is posted on a CASH Service Job card and you close that job as an INTERNAL Job, it posted an imbalanced set of entries to the Nominal ledger.W/M
13/12/2016The mod made on 16 Nov to prevent Orders being placed against Frozen Debtor a/c's did not take into account CASH Jobs which prevented Orders being linked to CASH Jobs.W/M
18/11/2016The CUSTOM Workshop Reports always printed Manufacturing Jobs regardless of the selection made in the Report Parameters.W/M
16/11/2016From now on, if you try to process a Workshop Purchase Order or Workshop GRN against a Service Job that is linked to a Debtor a/c that is Frozen or OnHold, it will no longer allow it.W/M
04/11/2016When booking the stock derived from a Manufacturing Job into stock and the CURRENT OnHand of that item is a MINUS value and you do NOT want Rev to post Nominal Stock Valuation Adjustment legs to compensate for this, the Booking In module has been modified to also skip the adjustment journal if the checkbox under System Preferences >> [General] tab: 'Do NOT post GRN Stock Value Adjustment legs' is ticked.W/M
22/03/2016ADDED: Weight column to the Manufacturing Job Template Details report. This calculates the Weight of the Manufactured item based on the weight of each of the components x the Quantity.W/M
17/03/2016Changed the "PARTS & SERVICE ITEMS" heading on Job Cards to just "PARTS"W/M
09/03/2016If you tried to REOPEN a Job Card that had only #S and #T messages on it, it gets lost in a loop and eventually gives an error 6.W/M
20/01/2016When allocating a WORKSHOP Purchase Order to a Job and you manually type in the number of Job that has already been CLOSED, it accepted it.W/M
03/12/2015Prevent a user from Converting a JOB CARD to another account with a different Foreign Currency.W/M
25/11/2015When amending a Job QUOTE issued to a FOREIGN debtor and you say YES to update the prices from the stock file, it replaces the prices with LOCAL CURRENCY values.W/M
21/10/2015ADDED: Modified the 'Manufacture from Sales Orders' option to include the Checkbox to "Exclude Sales Orders where there is sufficient stock on hand to meet that Order". This box is ticked by default. Also added another checkbox to "Factor an item's current OnHand status into the equation when calculating how many of that item to manufacture from a Sales Order." If you tick this box and an item has 10 OnHand and there is an Order for 15, it will only create a job to manufacture 5 items. This box is UNticked by default. W/M
29/09/2015When importing a Workshop Purchase Order with Odd Items on it into the Workshop GRN module, it would not calculate the correct TAX VALUE on the Vat Transaction linked to the Odd Item's Nominal contra account.W/M
02/09/2015When you incrementally booked in a MANUFACTURING Job until the full Quantity was booked in, and you then tried to reopen the Job, Rev told you that the Job had NOT been Closed yet (no date in the DateClosed field). If the Quantity Booked in = Quantity to Manufacture, it will now allow you to reopen the Job.W/M
20/08/2015The mod made on 19Mar2015 disabled the option to give OVERALL DISCOUNT on an a Totals Only Job Card Invoice.W/M
18/08/2015ADDED: The option to create Manufacturing Job Cards from Sales Orders has been enhanced. When selected, it now displays a list of the outstanding Sales Orders. You can decide whether to create Manufacturing Job Cards for them based on the Sales order Quantity by ticking a checkbox alongside each order. By default ALL the checkboxes are TICKED and you would UNtick those orders that you do NOT wish to convert to a Job Card. The default Quantity to be manufactured is the Still Owing Quantity on the Sales Order, but you may AMEND the Quantity by simply clicking that Order line on the list.W/M
14/08/2015Still problems with the COMPLETED JOBS report when using the Partial Job Card Manager. Fixed.W/M
03/08/2015When AMENDING a Service Job QUOTE or importing a Job Quote into a Service Job CARD, Rev rounds the Vat PER LINE during the Import process. This sometimes causes the Vat to go out by a few cents after the import. Fixed.W/M
24/07/2015Since the recent mods, the COMPLETED JOBS report for SERVICE items only prints the report totals - no details. Fixed.W/M
14/07/2015When you import a Manufacturing Template into a Job and there are Stock item lines on the Template that have a ZERO Quantity (?), you get an error 11 (division by zero). Fixed.W/M
05/07/2015The mods made on 2July to correct the Completed Jobs report did NOT take Jobs that were partially completed over a period of time (ie: more than one completion date). Fixed.W/M
02/07/2015When printing a COMPLETED JOBS report, NULL values in the DATE CLOSED field confuse Rev and it sometimes prints incorrect info.W/M
24/06/2015The mod made on 19Mar2015 to try and synchronise and reverse the original value of a Manufacturing Job out of the Work in Progress a/c when the Job is closed and booked in had a bug in it. If there was a SERVICE job with the same number, it did a double reversal and moved the second reversal to the Stock Adjustment a/c.W/M
06/05/2015The 'Print Labels' in the Job QUOTES module option only worked for dot matrix printers - NOT the Eltron or Zebra or Samsung Label printers.W/M
28/04/2015The mod made on 19 Mar 15 to sort out some small rounding issues when reopening Jobs caused other problems when reopening Jobs in FOREIGN Currency that involved Vat. It posted the FOREIGN Currency Vat amount to the Vat a/c (instead of the LOCAL Currency Vat amount). Fixed.W/M
23/04/2015ADDED: A Fix option (on the [Workshop Manager [Setup] > Fix dropdown) to 'Reinstate non-invoiced items missing from Partial Jobs' where random lines on a Partially Closed Job Card get flagged as Invoiced when they are still active. NOTE: Also modified code in the Partial Job Amend module and Partial Job Invoicing modules to try and prevent this in future.W/M
19/03/2015When REOPENING a Service Job (by doing a Credit Note) and there was an OVERALL DISCOUNT on the original Invoice, the VAT was not calculated the same way as the invoice and the sum of the Nominal Contra's was sometimes out be a few cents.W/M
19/03/2015ADDED: When a Manufacturing Job is Finished and Booked IN, it now calculates how much was posted to the Nominal Work in Progress a/c for that Job and journalises any residue that may be left over (after the WIP Journals are done) to the manufactured item's Stock Control a/c. If you Amend the Quantity to be booked in, you also now have the option to flag the Job as FINISHED. This sets the Quantity Manufactured to the original Quantity to be Manufactured so the Job is then fully finished.W/M
03/03/2015The MRP report did NOT calculate the Component quantities correctly from Manufacturing templates. Fixed.W/M
02/03/2015In error, the User Access settings for the normal Rev System Preferences tabs were also used for the Workshop System Preferences tabs (so, if you disabled a tab in normal System Prefs, one of the tabs under Workshop System Prefs would also be disabled.W/M
27/02/2015Sometimes, when closing and invoicing a Job Card using the DETAILED invoice option, it calculated the VAT on the invoice slightly differently to the VAT on the Job Card resulting in a difference of a few cents between the Total on the Job Card and the Total on the Invoice. Fixed.W/M
27/02/2015The Variable Nominal Analysis option did NOT work on JOB CARDS.W/M
26/02/2015The mod made on 28Jan2015 to allow you to close MULTIPLE Manufacturing Jobs at the same time now prevents you from amending a Job that had been partially closed. Fixed.W/M
26/02/2015The MRP report parameters settings were only checked for the COMPONENTS section of the report - NOT the actual Manufactured items section. Fixed (and removed the MatchParms check from the Components section).W/M
24/02/2015The new option button on displayed Manufacturing Templates to [Update Costs + Selling Prices] only updated the Costs if the COST PRICE on the Template was wrong - it did NOT check that the Line Total was correct. Now it does.W/M
24/02/2015The option to Update the Stock Prices in Templates (Workshop System Prefs > [Upd.Template] tab) did NOT work properly. Fixed.W/M
24/02/2015After the recent mods to enable the Job Scheduler, exiting the New Manufacturing Template module sometimes brought up 2 Workshop Menus.W/M
24/02/2015When creating Manufacturing Jobs from Sales Orders, the new mods made recently to check the availability of component stock items interfered with the Job Creation process causing lots of prompts about Jobs already in progress, etc. Fixed.W/M
12/02/2015The mods made on 15 Jan 15 to correct a TaxCode issue caused a problem in the Totals calculations when closing or re-opening Jobs for a Debtor set to INCLUSIVE Tax invoices.W/M
15/01/2015There was a bug in the [Close and INTERNAL Job] option where it didn't post the correct contra amount to the Work-in-Progress a/c.W/M
15/01/2015If a Job Card was created while a Debtor a/c was still set to charge VAT on invoices and then a/c was then changed to NOT charge Vat on invoices BEFORE the Job was Invoiced, there was a loophole in the Workshop Manager that only adjusted the Vat Amount on the invoice to ZERO, but did NOT set the tax codes on the individual lines on the invoice to the Zero Rated Tax Code (06). This caused the mixup with the Vat entries. W/M
07/01/2015Made mods to the 'Amend Manufacturing Jobs module' to accommodate the new Job Schedule Manager and added 3 new reports for the Job SchedulerW/M
01/12/2014The JOB TEMPLATE IMPORT from a spreadsheet did not work correctly and gave errors during the import if some of the fields in the spreadsheet were NULLs.W/M
12/11/2014You could NOT Cancel a Partially Completed Manufacturing Job. Modified the program to warn you that it is partially completed, but it allows you to to Cancel the rest of the Job now.W/M
15/10/2014ADDED: You can now prevent selected operators from Cancelling Manufacturing Jobs or Amending Quantities on Manufacturing Jobs. Go to Setup > User Preferences > [System Access] tab > [Workshop Manager].W/M
15/10/2014ADDED: a "Stock has been Issued from Stores" checkbox on the Amend a Manufacturing Job screen that is only visible on a computer (the StoreMan's) where there is a custom 'ShowWMStockIssuedBox.INI' file on that computer. WIP Report has a special parameter to only print outstanding Manufacturing Jobs where that box is NOT ticked .W/M
09/10/2014On the 'Completed Job Cards Report' parameter screen, the 'Only show Jobs that are Partially completed' checkbox is now permanently visible instead of only when the Partial JobCard Manager is installed. This was necessary for Manufacturing Jobs.W/M
07/10/2014In the Create a New Manufacturing Job Card, the mods made on 25Sep14 to list components that don't have sufficient stock did NOT take the 'Allow Stock to go into negative' flag. Fixed.W/M
03/10/2014The mods made to MANUFACTURING WIP report to accommodate Partially completed jobs caused it to print ALL jobs prior to 23Jun2008 as still WIP. Caused by the option to Partially book in Manufacturing Jobs was introduced on that date and it thinks all prior jobs are still WIP. Fixed.W/M
26/09/2014When selecting the option to IMMEDIATELY close and invoice a Job (from the After menu in Create a New Job Card or Amend an Existing Job Card), there is an additional option to Close and Invoice the Job WITHOUT PRINTING IT.W/M
25/09/2014ADDED: When initiating a NEW Manufacturing Job Card by importing a Job TEMPLATE, if there are any insufficient component items, a screen is displayed listing those items and their shortfalls and it tells you how many can be manufactured based on what components are available and it gives you the option to change the Make Quantity to the revised quantity.W/M
23/09/2014ADDED: An option to IMPORT Manufacturing Templates from an Excel spreadsheet.W/M
18/09/2014The mod made on 14Jul2014 to warn you if there are any current Manufacturing Jobs for an item when you select to create a NEW Job for that same item did not take into account Cancelled and Completed jobs.W/M
18/09/2014If you print a MANUFACTURING JOBS Work in progress or Completed report, the TOTAL DUE it shows for Partially Completed Jobs is always the original TOTAL VALUE of the Job.W/M
02/09/2014Extended the number of lines on a SERVICE and MANUFACTURING Job Card to 1999 (was 999).W/M
26/08/2014There was a bug in the Create New MANUFACTURING Templates option that allowed you to create more than one template for the same Stock item. Fixed. Also modified the 'Delete a Manufacturing Template' code to allow you to Delete the duplicated templates (before, it would often delete the wrong duplicate).W/M
22/08/2014The mod made on 14 July to warn users when there are existing Manufacturing Jobs for a selected stock item forgot to check if those jobs were already completed.W/M
13/08/2014When a Job Card is closed and Invoiced using the Detailed Invoice option, it did NOT extract the line item COST PRICES properly resulting in an incorrect Total Cost for the Invoice.W/M
11/08/2014If you do a FOREIGN Job Card and invoice it via the Totals Only invoice module (or ReOpen a Foreign Job Card by doing a Credit Note), and you added an ODD item onto it, the Vat calculation went completely wrong and posted the wrong Vat info.W/M
17/07/2014ADDED: Option to handle INTERNAL Service Jobs. Note that there is actually no such thing in Workshop Manager as an "Internal Job". For an internal job, you would open a normal CASH Service Job card and use a special Internal Job Closing option (in the 'Detailed Job Invoice' module) to close it. You must NOT put ODD (#O) or LABOUR (#L) items on an "internal" job card as it will NOT allow you to close it as an Internal job. However, you can put COST ITEMS (using the =C directive) onto Internal Jobs. Before you can close a Cash Job as an Internal Job, you need to setup a default Nominal Expense a/c to be used when you close an Internal Job. The Cost value of ALL stock items on the internal job is then transferred from the WIP a/c to this Expense a/c. By default, this a/c is set to the MAINT & REPAIR: M/VEHICLES a/c when you first do it. Setup this expense a/c under the [Setup] dropdown in the Workshop Manager >> Workshop System Preferences. You can also setup the Document Number to attached to the closure of an Internal Job (this is used in place of an INVOICE number used when closing standard Cash and Debtor Jobs). You set that up on the [Setup] dropdown in the Workshop Manager >> Workshop System Preferences >> [DocNums] tab W/M
15/07/2014If you ticked the Workshop User Preferences box to 'Prompt for Price on Job Cards', it sometimes did NOT allow access to the Price field on some lines. This was caused partially by a bug as well as it was using the wrong User parameter (it used User$(38) which is for Price fields on INVOICES instead of User$(165) which the parameter for JOB CARDS). Fixed.W/M
15/07/2014When you amend a Job Card and you press [Enter] through the existing stock items on the job card, if any of those items have LESS OnHand than what was originally supplied to the job card, you get the 'Not enough stock' message that has to be overridden. It now compares the Quantity with that line of the existing job card - if the same, it simply moves on (no OnHand prompt).W/M
14/07/2014ADDED: When you open a New MANUFACTURING Job Card, it will now check if there are any current Jobs that are manufacturing that same item and warn you. You then have the option to continue or abort.W/M
01/07/2014Rare system error 5 when trying to close and invoice a job card. Fixed.W/M
25/06/2014ADDED: From now on, if you add an ODD ITEM that is in your Stock file into a Manufacturing JobCard, you will be prompted that you need to open an 'Odd Items used in Manufacture' a/c in the Nominal ledger before it will accept Odd Items in Manufacturing JobCards. This is to ensure that the amount going in and out of the Work in Progress a/c as part of the manufacture process is posted to meaningful a/c's. Up to now, Odd Item amounts were posted to General Purchases. Once you have opened the Odd Item Manufacture a/c, go to Setup > System Preferences > [Accounts] tab and link the newly opened 'Nom.a/c for Odd Items used in Manufacture' to that a/c.W/M
11/06/2014If you used the [Close a JobCard Manually] option to close a CASH JobCard without actually invoicing it, it did it, but it flagged the JobCard as a Debtor JobCard as part of the process which then prevents you from displaying or reprinting that job card.W/M
11/06/2014ADDED: The same option to input a message for the body of an email that is going to be sent to a client with their invoice attached as is available in the normal Rev invoice module.W/M
26/05/2014The mod made on 17May2014 did NOT update the totals if the PRICE was changed. Fixed.W/M
17/05/2014When pressing [Enter] through an existing Job Card that has a lot of ODD ITEMS on it, the Overall Total sometimes changes by a few cents as you pass each line. This is caused by Rev recalculating the VAT on each line which sometimes changes the overall total due to rounding. It now only recalculates the Totals (and Vat) if the Quantity or Price changes.W/M
13/05/2014The EXTENDED Description of the MANUFACTURED item will now also be printed at the top of a Manufacturing Job Card.W/M
26/03/2014Odd Items on Manufacturing Jobs still cause problems on rarae occasions. When a Manufacturing Job is amended and Odd Items that were already on the Job Card are rewritten to the file, but are still linked to the old General Sales a/c instead of an Expense a/c (as catered for by the mods I made in December), it added an extra leg cancelling out the WIP leg. This causes an imbalance in the journal legs and also the TB.W/M
25/03/2014If AMEND a Service Job Card and it is blank and you click the [Full Job Display] button, you get an error 30016.W/M
06/03/2014In NON Warehouse environments, when you removed a Stock item from a Job Card, it did NOT update the item's COUNTED field (used by the Input Stocktake Count mechanism)W/M
18/02/2014Fixed some small problems in the JobCard Batch Stock Item Capture section.W/M
29/01/2014Mods made to the Partial JobCard Invoice module in Sep'13 caused it to journalise the wrong amount out of the nominal WIP a/c for the Job lines that were invoiced.W/M
27/01/2014The MRP Workshop Report did NOT list component items required if they had a ZERO ON HAND.W/M
22/01/2014If you disabled a User's access to System, User and/or Terminal Preferences in Rev's User Preferences >> [System Access], a User could still access them in the Workshop Manager.W/M
20/12/2013When ODD ITEMS were added to MANUFACTURING Jobs, nothing was posted to the Work in Progress a/c. Consequently, when you Finished the Job and booked it in, the sum total of all Odd Items on the job card was omitted from the Nominal Journal crediting the WIP a/c causing an imbalance in the GL. The Odd Item screen in Manufacturing jobs now prompts you for an Expense a/c and that a/c is credited with the Odd Item value and the WIP is debited. When you close and book in the job, the Odd Item amounts are included in the WIP a/c leg. For old job cards (with NO expense a/c), when you book the job in, it creates a dummy journal from General Purchases to WIP before closing the job.W/M
04/12/2013Ticking/UNticking the 'Prompt for Serial Number' and 'Prompt for RepCode' on JOB CARDS/QUOTES did NOT have any effect - it still prompted for them. Fixed.W/M
07/11/2013In the mods made on 2013/01/20 (to allow a Terminal to set all printer output to the Windows DEFAULT Printer), I forgot to apply that same mod to the JOB CARD printer. FixedW/M
09/10/2013Since the mod on 17 Sep 13, the Partial Job Card Invoice module sometimes duplicated the posting to the Expense a/c for Odd Items. Fixed.W/M
30/09/2013When you REOPEN a Closed Service Job Card (and the original invoice is imported into a Credit Note), if there was an OVERALL DISCOUNT on the invoice, it was NOT carried through into the Credit Note.W/M
27/09/2013When booking a completed MANUFACTURE Job into Stock and you amended the Selling Price, it did NOT always update the Selling Price in the manufactured Stock Item record.W/M
21/09/2013When a PARTIAL Job Card is AMENDED, the Cost Prices of existing items on the job card are set to an arbitary amount when the amended job card is written to disk.W/M
17/09/2013Partial Invoice module: If the 'Use Single Line on Invoice' is ticked, partially invoicing one or more items on a Partial JobCard did NOT generate the Sales a/c leg in the Nominal ledger resulting in an imbalance. ADDED: There are 2 new checkboxes on the screen where you 'tick' the job line items to be invoiced. 1. Fully close this Job (will no longer be partially closed): This automatically ticks ALL UNticked job line items still on the partially closed job and the flags the Job as CLOSED when invoiced. 2. Make a Zero value Invoice - only Costs are posted: This only appears if the 1st box (above) is ticked and it only posts the Cost-of-Sales entries on the Invoice - NOT the Sales legs - ie: it produces an Invoice where the Total value is ZERO. You can now also tick NEGATIVE Quantity items on the Job Card when partially invoiving it.W/M
19/08/2013If a Job is flagged as CANCELLED, but the Date CLOSED field is blank, Rev still displays the Job in the Search for Job screen when selecting to AMEND the job. The Date Closed field should have the Date Cancelled in it, but I've come across a few cases where the Date Closed in Cancelled Jobs is blank??W/M
19/07/2013The MRP report only allowed you to base the search on Sales Orders in the CURRENT period. Now allows any period.W/M
19/06/2013When running the MRP report based on SALES ORDERS (to work out how many items to manufacture to meet outstanding Sales Orders), it also took Sales QUOTES into account. Fixed.W/M
12/06/2013Modified the AMEND a MANUFACTURING JOB CARD module to check if the Labour Date Worked (entered in the Labour Input window) is different to the current Job Date. If it is, it will post a separate double entry between the WAGES RECOVERED a/c and the WORK-IN-PROGRESS a/c using the actual Date Worked instead of the default Job Date (as it did before).W/M
09/06/2013If the System option to 'Update Item Prices on Sales Orders imported into Invoices' is ticked and you import a Sales Quote or Sales Order with ODD ITEMS on it into a Workshop Manager TOTALS ONLY Invoice, the Odd Items are imported with a ZERO Price and Total.W/M
02/06/2013Due to continuing problems with Workshop Manager package randomly switching back to a Service Manager, the Service Manager has been discontinued. All existing Service Managers will automatically become Workshop Managers.W/M
21/05/2013Modified the Manufacturing modules to post Labour entries to the Wages Recovered in Manufacture (Credit) and Work-in-Progress (Debit). When the Job is closed, it Credits the Work-in-Progress with the TOTAL Job Cost and debits Stock Control. W/M
13/05/2013When you added LABOUR to a Manufacturing Job during the Job AMEND mode, it posted the Labour to the Nominal 'Wages Recovered in Manufacture' a/c. This had been removed from the Open a NEW Manufacturing Job module in March 2012, but had not been removed from the AMEND module.W/M
09/05/2013If you converted a Service Job Card with Serialized items on it to another Debtor a/c, the Sales Account number in the serialized records do NOT get updated to the new a/c number.W/M
07/05/2013In a recent update, the 'Update' instruction that writes the Nominal Ledger legs of a newly created Manufacturing Job was removed so, although the Nominal Transaction legs were written to disk, the actual Nominal account BALANCES were NOT updated. A Fix - Validate corrected this.W/M
05/05/2013When you have ODD items on a MANUFACTURING job and you go back to Amend them, it sets the Nominal a/c back to the GENERAL PURCHASES a/c and you have to input it again.W/M
10/04/2013ADDED: To the Workshop Manager NEW Job Quote module: Prompt the User to confirm the Rep and Job Type on the Job Quote after they click [Save]. This is triggered by the presence of a blank text file named "WQConfirmRep.ini" in the Rev folder ON THE FILE SERVER. W/M
18/03/2013ADDED: For the Zambia Tax authorities: When inputting a Petty Cash COST entry into a Job Card, there is now a button that allows you to input the Supplier's Name, their VAT number and their TPIN. This is saved with the Description in the Journal's NARRATION which can then be extracted when printing the Input Tax Only report under Vat Reports.W/M
05/03/2013If 2 operators select to close and invoice the SAME job at the SAME time (?), Rev allows it and invoices it twice. It now checks if the Job is already closed when you click the [Save] button.W/M
03/03/2013When adding a LABOUR item to a MANUFACTURING Job Card, it ignored the Nominal COST a/c setting in the Labour Rates setup screen (Workshop System Parameters) and always seemed to used the General Purchases a/c. Also, it displayed the Labour SELLING Price in the Manufacturing Job instead of the COST Price.W/M
18/02/2013The Petty Cash COST entries on Jon Cards did NOT increment or attach a Sequential Number to the Journal transactions.W/M
06/02/2013ADDED: The option to amend the QUANTITY being Manufactured in an existing Manufacturing Job. Select to amend the Job and then double-click on the Quantity field at the top left of the JobCard window. Follow the displayed instructions.W/M
28/01/2013Partial Job Invoicing Amend module: There was a bug that caused it to replicate previously invoiced lines on the partially closed job card whenever you amended the job.W/M
17/01/2013ADDED: The =C Cost option now has the ability to post the VAT on the =C Cost entries.W/M
09/01/2013When printing a SUMMARISED version of a Job Card (Ox Drilling only), it sometimes came up with an Overflow error during the Grouping process.W/M
21/12/2012Odd Items (#O) on Workshop Purchase Orders were NOT handled correctly when the Creditor a/c was set to INCLusive. Also, Rev now prompts the operator to select the Job Card Nominal SALES a/c for Odd Items when the Order is imported into the GRN.W/M
27/11/2012In Aug'2012 we removed the ability include the item being manufactured by a Manufacturing Job Card as a component on the same job card. This has caused problems for a number of Rev users who relied on this bug. If you now create a blank text file named 'AllowAllComponents.ini' into the Rev folder on the FILE SERVER, it will allow this 'feature' again.W/M
23/11/2012Added code to prevent you using the stock item being MANUFACTURED as one of the components inside the Job Card manufacturing it.W/M
12/11/2012When printing Work-in-Progress reports for MANUFACTURING Jobs and the Stock Item being manufactured is no longer in the Stock file, you get an error 3021 (No Current Record). Fixed.W/M
08/11/2012ADDED: When you select to do "Close & Invoice Jobs - Totals Only", and you get to the screen where you import the Job (after entering =J), there is now a checkbox underneath the list of Jobs to "Import as a Single Line Job" which can be ticked. If you have ticked the "Single Line Job" checkbox under Workshop System Preferences, this box will be ticked by default - otherwise it is UNticked.W/M
05/11/2012ADDED: An option to add a NARRATION to =C entries in Job Cards. There is a [Narration] button at the bottom of the Odd Costs window.W/M
01/11/2012ADDED: When Workshop Purchase Orders with ODD ITEMs are printed or displayed, it shows the Nominal Purchase a/c No. in brackets next to the #O.W/M
12/10/2012ADDED: When amending a Workshop Purchase order, you can now allocate it to another Job by clicking the [Another Job] button at the bottom of the Order screen.W/M
11/10/2012When you select to print a Workshop STOCK MOVEMENTS report for a SINGLE Stock item, nothing happened.W/M
27/09/2012Modified the =H option so that, if you typed =H over an existing item on the Job Card, it would simply make that item's Prices and Totals ZERO and not erase the item like before.W/M
17/09/2012When a Workshop Purchase Order placed against a FOREIGN Supplier for a MANUFACTURING Job was GRN'd, it did NOT calculate the LOCAL Currency value on the Job Card.W/M
16/09/2012Since adding the option to attach Orders to MANUFACTURING jobs, there were some problems when displaying outstanding orders linked to jobs. Fixed. Also, one of the problems has been that, when displaying Orders linked to a Job, it shows ALL the Orders (including the ones that have already been fulfilled). It now only shows jobs with outstanding StillOwings.W/M
31/08/2012The PARTIAL JOB CLOSING Invoice module did NOT post the Sales a/c leg (or the COS and WIP legs) when it partially closed a Job causing an imbalance in the GL. Been like this since inception?W/M
14/08/2012When displaying the list of Outstanding Workshop Orders linked to a Job, it did not scroll properly.W/M
14/08/2012The Outstanding Workshop Orders Reports did NOT work properly since adding the Workshop Orders to Manufacturing Jobs.W/M
13/08/2012When importing a Workshop Purchase Order into a Workshop GRN, it imported each item's COST Price from the STOCK file. One of our clients (Ox) used to use the SAME STOCK Code on multiple items just changing the Derscription and Cost Price. When Rev imports them into the GRN, it sets all the items with the same stockcode to the same price (from the stock file). Changed this to leave the price that is imported from the Order.W/M
13/08/2012The new JobCard Stock Capture module has been calculating VAT on MANUFACTURING Job Cards when adding stock items to Manufacturing Jobs. The effect it had was mostly cosmetic (it included the Vat amount when it was displayed on the screen, but it printed correctly without the Vat). Fixed. To correct the Jobs, one just has to select to AMEND each outstanding MANUFACTURING Job and then immediately click [Finish] and [Save]. This will write it back without the Vat component. W/M
10/08/2012Serialised stock items captured in the new Workshop BATCH Stock Capture module did NOT get flagged as Serialised items in the job card. When one of these job cards got amended later, Rev's logic assumed it wasn't a serialised item and removed the "#Serial No.." line (with the actual serial number) from the job card. It also set that Serial Number back to being available again, but did NOT add it back into that item's OnHand.W/M
24/07/2012When creating a NEW MANUFACTURING job and you use the SAME Stock Item more than once on the Job Card (just changing the Description and the Price), when the Job Card is saved, Rev fetches the (Cost) Price from the Stock record and replaces the Prices entered by the User. This was fixed on the AMEND a Manufacturing Job Card on 1 March 2012.W/M
12/07/2012ADDED: When the Work in Progress Nominal Journals are processed they now have a Narration of 'Job Card Journal'W/M
03/07/2012ADDED: =C option to allow the capture of Cost Items on Job Cards.W/M
24/06/2012ADDED: The ability to print the Client's VAT NUMBER on a Job Card. Just add a heading line into the Layout file that reads "Client Vat Number" and it will replace this with the client's Vat number.W/M
31/05/2012When inputting Labour into the Labour window on JobCards, if you pressed [F5] in the Labour RATES field and then pressed [Esc] without selecting anything, it cleared the Labour Rates variable resulting in it NOT putting a TaxCode ib to the Labout entry and did NOT charge VAT on that line.W/M
29/05/2012Since the mods on 2012/02/28, when a User is set to Print Job Cards in RAW sequence, it would reset the Job Cards Totals to ZERO. This was caused by a mod made for Ox Drilling to recalculate the Job Card Totals when it loaded the Job (in LoadJobForPrint s/r).W/M
29/05/2012Since the Foreign Currency mods in 12/2011, the VAT TRANSACTIONS entries were NOT created in the Vat Transaction file although they were created in the Accounting files. Fixed. If you go into the REPAIR program and run the 'Validate VAT' option and answer NO to the 'Do you only want to Validate the Vat file', it will recreate ANY missing Vat Transactions.W/M
29/05/2012The code added on 28/2/2012 to recalculate the JOB CARD TOTALS when you selected the option to PRINT a Job Card (LoadJobForPrint s/r) skipped some of the totals when the User parameter was set to print Jobs in RAW JobCard sequence.W/M
23/05/2012When using the LABOUR TIME CALCULATOR, if you left the Minutes field blank and clicked [Ok], you get an error 13.W/M
16/05/2012The mechanism to allow the of 2 Logo Pictures in the Order Layout was never added to the Workshop Purchase Order module. This caused it to print the LQ Orders out of alignment.W/M
09/05/2012ADDED: When creating/amending a MANUFACTURING TEMPLATE you can now 'hover' the mouse over the COST PRICE field in the body of the template and the Exclusive Selling Price of the item on that line will popup. It will also PRINT the Selling Price in the Selling Price Column of the Job Template.W/M
24/04/2012When booking in Finished MANUFACTURING Jobs, and you selected to NOT update the Selling Price (if there was a Markup%), it still updated the Selling Prices regardless. Fixed.W/M
21/04/2012ADDED: Now LQ Job Cards cater for TWO Logo pictures. If the LINE ITEM TAX was printed, the LINE TOTAL that is printed is now INCLUSIVE of tax.W/M
09/04/2012ADDED: To Allocate the FIRST Employee to Labour entries when importing Job Templates into New MANUFACTURING Jobs (so as not to prompt operator to select Employees when clicking the [Save] button), create a blank text file named: EmployeeDefault.ini in the Rev for Windows folder ON THE FILE SERVER.W/M
09/04/2012When creating a new Manufacturing Job by importing a Manufacturing TEMPLATE with an ODD ITEM on it, the PRICE field of the Odd Item is left at ZERO. Fixed. Also, the Unit-of-Sale (fUnitSale) variable was NOT cleared in 'ClearDocFields' resulting in Odd Items picking up the UnitOfSale field of the previous stock item added to the job.W/M
09/04/2012The mods to add COST ACCOUNTS when processing LABOUR on Manufacturing Jobs caused some confusion because it keeps prompting the User that there is NO Cost a/c everytime you add a Labour entry UNTIL YOU GO TO Setup and add a Cost a/c. It now still warns you that it is not set, but it then sets the COST a/c to General Purchases a/c for future Labour entries using that Labour Rate.W/M
29/03/2012ADDED: When setting up LABOUR RATES in Workshop Manager, you can now specify a Nominal COST ACCOUNT to be used when processing Labour on MANUFACTURING Jobs. Those expenses (along with Odd Items) get credited when CLOSING the Job abd the cumulative Job Value is debited to the Stock Control a/c. For example, in the following Manufacturing Job... Stock on JobCard= 5000 Odd Item=2000 (for Nom.Acc 29260) Labour=1000 (for Nom Cost a/c 29250) When Job is OPENED, a Journals is processed: Stock Control a/c= -5000 W.I.P a/c= 5000 When the job is CLOSED, these Journals are passed: Work-In-Progress: -5000 Nom.Acc 29260 (Odd item) -2000 Nom.Acc 29250 (Labour) -1000 Stock Control 8000 W/M
22/03/2012Since the adding of Workshop Purchase Orders against MANUFACTURING Jobs, Rev sometimes gets confused between Orders linked to Service Jobs and those with the same job number linked to manufacturing jobs.W/M
13/03/2012ADDED: All Workshop EXPORTS can now be exported directly to an Excel Spreadsheet.W/M
12/03/2012When you FINISHED and Booked in a Manufacturing Job, if there were ODD ITEMs (OUTWORK) on the Job Card, the Nominal Contra accounts specified in the Odd Item records were ignored and the entries were always contra'd against the Work In progress a/c. This meant that the amount journalised OUT of the WIP a/c on completion of the job did not agree with what was journalised Into the WIP a/c when the job was opened.W/M
07/03/2012When I added the Foreign Currency Job Cards functionality in Dec'2011, a bug crept in that caused it to post a ZERO to the Debtors Control a/c when you REOPENED a CLOSED Job (and issued a Credit Note).W/M
06/03/20121. When invoicing JobCards using the Totals Only Invoice module and the SINGLE LINE JOB option is enabled (Workshop System Preferences), it will now import ALL message lines (=S) found at the top of the Job Card instead of just the first 4 message lines. 2. If the SINGLE LINE JOB option is enabled, when you select the JobCard to invoice, on the 'Find the JobCard' window, there is a new CheckBox underneath the list of job cards: 'Import as a Single Line Job' - if you UNtick that box, it imports the jobcard in its normal 3 line format.W/M
05/03/2012ADDED: You can now import a TEMPLATE into an EXISTING Service Job Card/Quote.W/M
04/03/2012ADDED: In MANUFACTURING Job Cards, when importing a Template, you can now also tick/UNtick the items in the template that you want to import.W/M
27/02/2012When Workshop PURCHASE Orders against MANUFACTURING Jobs were GRN'd in, it used the SELLING Price on the Job Card instead of the COST Price.W/M
27/02/2012The 'Prompt for Variable Nominal Analysis' on Job Cards/Quotes checked the INVOICE User parameter (User$(45)) instead of the Workshop User parameter - User$(168)W/M
26/02/2012An extra subscript was added to the LABOUR window (1 to 10) for Foreign Currency Job Cards, but it was never added to these modules resulting in Bad Subscript errors.W/M
22/02/2012Finally found and fixed the problem that caused the 'Total' column heading to print over the 'Date' heading on letter quality Job Cards/QuotesW/M
22/02/2012There were a number of problems in the JobCard Batch Stock Capture module: 1) Scrolling down below line 8 caused it to lose lines below line 8 2) Looking for duplicate items in the batch to check the overall OnHand status did NOT work 3) The Debtor Price List link did NOT pick up ACTUAL prices in a PriceList - only %W/M
20/02/2012ADDED: Functionality to allow Workshop Purchase Orders to be linked to MANUFACTURING Jobs as well.W/M
17/02/2012There were problems with the Nominal BLOCKED ACCOUNT mechanism in the ODD ITEMS window - it sometimes thought an account was blocked when it wasn't.W/M
15/02/2012In the Workshop Manager, I never catered for ACTUAL prices being inputted into a FOREIGN Debtor's PRICE LIST, so, when the Workshop Manager extracts it from the Price List, it assumes the actual price is LOCAL currency and it converts it to the US Dollar price.W/M