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Demo - MS Access Version
Download the DEMO NOW!!!

Revelation Accounting Software is Fully Compatible with ALL versions of Microsoft Windows® (32  & 64 Bit) - This INCLUDES Windows XP, 7, 8.1® & Windows 10® as well as ALL Windows Server® Versions

To Install a Fully Functional Demo of Revelation:

  • Click on the [Download] button below. This will download the Installation Files for all 5 our Accounting Packages and the Workshop Manager.
  • Once downloaded, please unzip the File into a Folder of your choice. (If you are not sure what to do, simply right-click and then click on "Extract to DEMO").
  • Now open the folder and look for and then Double click on the SETUP.exe File. Follow the simple on-screen instructions. 

Once installed, you may access Company 77 (Predefined Demo Company with up to 3 Months of Transactions) by clicking on [Load ABOVE Company], OR you may ADD your own Company, by clicking on the [Add a NEW Company] button. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

This version of Revelation is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL installation that will allow you to preform ALL the functions in Revelation (for up to 2 Months). This should be enough time to evaluate the product fully and decide if Revelation is the package for you and your Business. Once you purchase and register Revelation, the package is simply activated (no need to recapture your work).

PLEASE NOTE: This package is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions that is available under the PRODUCTS Tab on this web page, as well as when you install the package. Please familiarise yourself with the content of this agreement. Once purchased, you will have 60Days to notify Revelation of your cancellation in order to receive a FULL Refund. No Cancellation Refund will be entertained after this period.

Microsoft®, Windows®,Windows XP®, Windows 7 ®,Windows 8.1®Windows 10® & Windows Server® are all Trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation

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Demo - SQL Version
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