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Our Mission Statement
Mission Beyond
Who are we:

  • Revelation Accounting Software is a South African Based Software Company that produces Powerful, Complete and Affordable Business Software that is distributed world wide and that offers:
       •  Full Accounting Features, right up to Trial Balance and Financial Management Statements.
       •  Offers Small and Medium Enterprise Businesses similar Capabilities as Expensive Corporate Software, at a fraction of the Cost.
       •  Specialise in Security and Control but with our main focus on Personalised Support.
       •  Quick, accurate and innovative changes to suit the Market and other Trends.
       •  Full Compliance to Official Standards and Regulations as dictated and Amended by the relevant Authorities in each of the Countries we are
          represented in. 

  • Currently  we service Markets as Large as Platinum Mines and as small as Farm Stalls, with Branches and users World Wide.

Our Aims are:

  • To Empower Business People on order to gain and maintain full control of their ventures, with the main focus on ACCURACY, SIMPLICITY, AFFORDABILITY and FLEXIBILITY. We achieve this by:
    • Creating Layman Orientated Controls for Sophisticated processes.
    • Offering a Wide Variety of Configurations to cover a wide range of Market Segments.
    • Using and Maintaining Bullet Proof Database Structures.

  • To Grow our Business into one of the Global Leaders with healthy returns for our Shareholders and Staff, thus providing Stability in a very volatile World Economy. This is achieved by:
           •  Offering Quality Products and Support.
           •  Listening to our Consumers in order to keep on being innovative.
           •  Keeping the Company Overheads and other costs as low as possible without compromise.
           •  By Partnering with Similar minded Key institutions and Resources. 

  • Grow the Brand by creating new Dealers and Dealer Principles throughout South Africa, Africa and the rest of the World.

What Makes us Different:

  • Revelation Accounting Software has vast experience that expands over the last 30 years. We basically engineered PC Based Accounting and through listening to our clients, have managed to produce a brilliant all-rounder. Without being to arrogant, our Software will cover more than 90% of most Business Requirements in the base Package.
  • The Remaining 10% could easily be accomplished by extremely affordable Custom Development. These special Developments often find their way to the main Package, giving all the existing and New users the benefit of the latest innovations by simply clicking the Updates button on a regular basis. 
  • We do not exploit our Clients. For a Small monthly Fee, We offer our Clients: 
          • Unlimited Support during Office Hours.
          • Limited Support After Hours.
          • NO Additional Yearly Licensing Fees on our Medium and Large packages.
          • Unlimited Package Upgrades, as and when they become available.
          • Remote Support during Support Sessions (where Connectivity allows)

  • Easy upgrade-ability from one package to the next, without any data transfer or downtime.
  • Easy conversions from most other accounting packages.
  • Access to a Highly experienced Dealer Network throughout the Country and World.
  • Access to a Professional Network of Auditors and Bookkeepers.
  • Affordability with Option to Rent the Packages instead of owning.
  • Access to Training Centres and on-line training.
  • Self-help support on-line.

Our Target Market:

Currently Revelation can assist most SME Enterprises with our Upstart to Enterprise packages. We have taken the Corporate Market by storm with our Empire Builder Package what is available in the MS-Access and Microsoft SQL database formats. Currently various High-end Corporates rely on Revelation Accounting Software to keep them in Business. Your Company will be no different. If you have just started out or have been in Business for years, Revelation has a package to exceed your requirements.

Our Product Range:

We believe that any Business will have a smooth transition onto one of the Following Packages:

  • Revelation Upstart  (1 User)                       - (Debtors, Creditors, General Ledger, 1 Bank Account, No Stock)
  • Revelation Achiever (1 User)                     -  (Debtors, Creditors, Stock, General Ledger, Unlimited Bank Accounts, No POS)
  • Revelation Small Business (1-5 Users)   -  (Debtors, Creditors, Stock, General Ledger, Unlimited Bank Accounts, POS, Quote, S/Order, P?Order)
  • Revelation Enterprise (1-19Users)            - (Debtors, Creditors, Stock, General Ledger, Unlimited Bank Accounts, POS, Quote, S/Order, P/Order                                                                              Manufacturing, Serialized Tracking) (Additional Add-on's available)
  • Revelation Empire (24-Unlim/Usr)             - (Debtors, Creditors, Stock, General Ledger, Unlimited Bank Accounts, POS, Quote, S/Order, P/Order                                                                                Manufacturing, Serialized Tracking, Forex Banking, Warehousing, Assets Register, W/Manager, POD's)
  • Revelation Add-on Modules: 
                                                           • Workshop Manager
                                                           • Assets Register
                                                           • POD Manager
                                                           • Warrantee Swop-out Manager
                                                           • SMS Manager
                                                           • Online Orders Manager
                                                           • Warehousing
                                                           • Auditors Module
                                                           • Forex Manager
                                                           • Assembly Manager
                                                           • Remote Invoice Manager
                                                           • Cash Flow Manager
                                                           • Various Custom Modules

Our Commitment:

Revelation Accounting Software has grown from strength to strength over the last 35 Years. We are a committed, reliable and highly skilled team of experts that can assist you with lifting your business to a Professional level you deserve, without the high costs of our competitors. We give you the Controls you need, so that you can focus on what you do best...Running your Business!!! 

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