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Workflow Menu Officially Launched

With the recent release of Windows 10, Revelation has released the new, unprecedented Workflow menu. The innovative and easy-to-work-with menu has been designed to make it easier to work on a day-to-day basis with the option to customize the theme of the menu, making it more personalized to the Revelation user. The release of the new menu places Revelation in the forefront from its competitors in regards to Development and Customization.

The new Workflow menu allows the user to personalize their Revelation with the use of Themes. We have 9 different background colours to choose from and 8 different colour sets that change the colours of the Super Menu (Menu list on the left) as well as the headings.

In order to change your theme, click on [Themes] towards the top of your Revelation main screen. Please take note that Revelation has to be on the newest version in order to access the fully-functional Workflow Menu.

Another change that has been made, is the location of some of the menu buttons have been relocated and conveniently renamed to make processes in Revelation much quicker and more efficient. With these changes, Revelation allows for users to work more effectively with the use of an aesthetically pleasing and effortless Menu.

In order to not alienate existing users, we have not removed any of the older menu types and for those users who wish to revert to the older menu types, they can simply do so by changing menus in “Preferred Main Menu Type” within the User’s Preference.


We hope you have fun experimenting with the different colours and themes and new and improved functionality that Revelation has to offer!

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Revelation METRO Launched
After Months of hard work and many late hours, the new Revelation METRO has been launched. This innovative development once again places Revelation solidly in the lead when it comes to Development, "ease-of-use" and keeping with market trends.

The controversial release of Windows 8 has sparked a huge debate World wide, but one thing is certain...for the foreseeable future, the METRO look and feel is here to stay.  The announced release of Windows 9 in the 2nd quarter 2015 is said to set Microsoft back on track and by all accounts they are poised to stick with the Metro look and feel (Albeit in a more user friendly format...only time will tell).

In keeping with this trend, Revelation is the first (and to my knowledge...the only) accounting package to venture down the METRO path. The Main Menu has been developed is such as way as to conform to the Metro methodology in that you can populate the Main Revelation Desktop with Frequently used TILES, but at the same time allowing users to quickly and effortlessly navigate to other less used functions.

Revelation has decided to make the METRO Version available to all it's existing SLA Client...FREE of charge. Simply hit the [UPDATE] button and then select the User Preference. Now choose the [Metro Menu] under the "Preferred Main Menu type".

In order to not alienate existing users, we have not remove any of the older menu types. For those users that find the Metro Menu to modern, simply click the [Help] button on the Main Toolbar, and then select the "Revert to classic menu system".

Other exiting news is that Revelation also allows this Metro menu to be edited by the user to any Language the prefer


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New 2014 Website
It has been a long time coming and is finally here. Revelation's all new, innovative and powerful Website.

Team Vanto has been hard at work to create one of the most exciting and powerful websites on the market. The aim of the website is not only to give new prospective clients insight into the Revelation World, but also to assist existing clients with utilising their Revelation packages to the full.

The Special members area will allow existing users to gain access to transactional History with Revelation, download Invoices and even make online Payments. In addition they will have access to the Complete 700 page manual, online training, and Frequently asked questions.  The Questions have been set up in  such a way that it will be easy to navigate your way to the required information, and on the way, learn things about Revelation that you never knew possible.

The new Video Training engine (Available 1 March2014) will allow newcomers to the Revelation Family, how to negotiate Revelation. The training is done in the privacy of your own office, without the huge expenses usually associated with training. This initiative makes the Revelation Training department, on of the Global leaders in their field, giving user the quickest training response times. Due to it's rapid growth, especially in the African and Asian Markets, Revelation needed a new tool to train up users in the least amount of time. The training video series is ideal. 

Revelation came across this idea when one of the directors started their PPL License recently. "I was expecting a trained professional to give us lectures, but instead they sat me down in front of a PC with some headphones" the member said. This gave him the idea to pursue the self training option for Revelation. Well done team!!!

Other unique concepts of the new website will include, Online Quotes, Orders and even on-line purchases. You will also be able to track any posted material ordered from Revelation as well as View Special Features custom designed for clients and vote for concept ideas that stream in via our Wish List engine. If you have any new ideas for Revelation, log into the members area and list your idea. Aldo add pictures and other material relevant to the concept. Other users will then vote on your idea. Once it reaches a critical point, the development will automatically take place.

Existing users with valid SLA Contracts may use their Disk number as a User Name and Password to access the members area.

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Avast Attacks Revelation
We have had several complaints this morning from our clients running Avast Anti-Virus. All the companies that did updates on Avast would have received an update that attacks the Revelation Executable files as well as the Desktop Icon. Avast is Detecting Code within Revelation`s Main Start up executable as Malicious, this is what we call a false positive. This is a Mistake on the Anti-virus side. We do not in any way suggest that you replace your Anti-virus but instead, to add Revelation to the Ignore List within Avast , Better known as " Exclusions " We recommend that you contact the Support Center to assist you with a work around. Or look to our support tab on the top of the screen and then click utility Programs to find a Walk through to fix it yourself. Regards

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Urgent VAT Changes on Revelation
The VAT Engine is changing on the 1st of March 2013 – Take note!!! The Receiver of Revenue has been hard at work in becoming one of the most effective Tax agencies in the world. They have been implementing new systems and procedures and recently rolled out their new requirements on VAT submissions. These changes were first instructed by our client, Procon Marketing and their Auditors. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks them for making this development possible. Procon is a market leader in the importing and distribution of PPE product and is responsible for thousands of lives involved in the South African mining and related industries.

Also a very big “thank you !!!” to Tracy Wormald and her Company, Charteris & Barnes, for releasing Tracy to us during this development. Tracy`s commitment and expertise was invaluable to this critical development. She flew up from Queenstown to assist in the layout and construction of the new VAT system, as well as the Beta testing, right up to the release date. Well done Tracy and your team, we are proud to be associated with you!!!

• What are the new requirements and how does it affect Revelation In a nutshell, the Receiver now reserves the right to demand more accurate backing documentation when querying a VAT201 submission. One of the effects is that Accountants have to now supply detailed ledger when submitting detail on a VAT query based on a VAT201 submission. Everyone has to step up their game, so to speak. It is no longer acceptable to have a single VAT total for a multiple item Invoice. Each item type on the invoice has to display its own VAT. You may even have Input and Output Vat on the same invoice, depending on the GL code used on the Invoice line (in the case of using Odd items and variable nominal analysis). In Order to accommodate the new VAT requirements, Revelation has made the following changes that you need to be aware of:
•The VAT Summary option to Ignore Past Period Journals have been amended

•The VAT Summary Report has been changed

•The VAT Transaction Report has been amended

•Nominal Journals have been amended

•GRN’s and Invoices have been amended.

•VAT Report – Removed the “Ignore Past Period Journals” option When posting Past Period Journals, Revelation understands that you cannot go back in time and pay the Receiver in the Past. For this reason we add the Past VAT to the current VAT. However, when looking at the TB, the VAT total did not look correct (Due to the Past Period VAT ) For this reason, we have always given the option to “Ignore any transactions dated EARLIER than this range”. This option has now been removed as past Period VAT total are now added as part of the Standard VAT Summary report under its own heading.

• VAT Summary Report Although the old VAT Summary Report has been one of the best on the market, the time has come to improve the trusty Report. Revelation now offers a “BOX” Report that will assist the user in completing the VAT 201 form that is even simpler to use than before. One of the techniques that modern auditors use, is to “tally” up the totals in the Income section of the TB and then to compare this with the VAT Report. In order to accommodate Auditors that use this method, we now add the TB Income totals at the bottom of the New Vat Summary Report. This can then be compared to the Capital Amount OUTPUT Vat. In theory, the two should always balance. To make sure this balancing act takes place, from now on VAT will no longer be calculated by “the process” (like Invoicing) to determine if it is falls into the Input or Output VAT accounts but rather by the GL or Nominal account number group it belongs to. From now on, all Income accounts (10001 to 19999) will automatically be processed against the OUTPUT VAT system, no matter the process, and All the Expense (20001 – 29999), Assets (30001 – 39999) and Liability (40001 – 49999) Accounts, will be processed against the INPUT VAT system. In this way, it does not matter if you do an Invoice into the Expense, Assets or Liability Accounts or a GRN into the Income Accounts, the TB to VAT report will always balance. The ONLY reason that they will not balance would be in the event of NON VAT transactions into the Income Ledgers (like Late Interest charged). If the TB and Output VAT totals do not balance for this reason, we have now introduced Exception Report to track these totals down. (See point 1.2.2. below). One other improvement on the new Summary report is the VAT Control account total that is now displayed at the very bottom of the report. If you have moved over to a new month without doing a month-end (hanging over), the VAT Control amount is then simulated. We highly recommend that you make sure that the VAT Control Account and the Reports Balance. IF not, a Journal should be passed into a holding account such as VAT Arrears (or something to that effect). Please consult your Auditors on this matter. Tip: For the users that hate change, we have however decided to leave the old Summary and Transaction reports in place.

•VAT Exception Reports To make life easier, we have now developed an elaborate Exceptions Report engine that will allow you to look for VAT anomalies. If the TB turnover and the Output VAT does not equal, you may print any of the exception report that have been added. These will include looking for Income accounts that did not attract VAT (such as Interest charged on overdue Debtor’s accounts).

• Other Exception reports available are:

•Vat entries where the Code is not the same as the GL Account Each GL account has a standard VAT code attached to it (when the account was created or edited). A Report can now be printed were the actual transaction vat was changed by the user during a VAT posting. This has proven a huge help to auditors as they will save precious time looking for these anomalies in order to either correct them or explain the variation.

•Where the VAT amount does not equal the normal VAT percentage A common mistake a lot of auditors and bookkeepers make is to simply calculate the VAT percentage from TB. Two problems here: Firstly not all sales/purchases attract VAT and secondly (in the case of importers) not all VAT is the same amount/percentage. This report will alert you to any amount that does not equal to the percentage of the default vat code it was produced under. In our example below the Import VAT was just over 70%

•Were a comparison is done against the Nominal transactions This report compares the VAT Transactions to the transactions in the Nominal Ledger and then prints a list where they do not agree.

• VAT Transaction Report The VAT Transaction list is probably the report that has been affected the most. This is due to the way that Revelation now handles VAT (based on SD14). In Revelation each Category can be programmed to have its own Sales, Cost-of-Sales and Stock Control Account (used the Nominal Wizard to assist in setting this up). From now on each of the Categories on an invoice will be reported separately on the Transaction Report. This means that a Single invoice will have multiple legs on the report, depending on the amount of categories on the Invoice. We have also done away with reporting the different VAT code entries next to each other. Instead, each VAT code will be reported under its own Header with that VAT codes Invoices. This will mean that a Single VAT Invoice, that has multiple VAT type, will be reported under multiple headers. Obviously the data that was processed under the old VAT engine (before you updated from the WEB) cannot accurately be reported under the new VAT report. For this reason we have built in an emulator engine that will attempt to back calculate such data to give the desired results on the new vat report. To distinguish these emulated figures from the new VAT figures, a “smaller as” sign “<” will be placed next to the figure on the VAT report. This should start disappearing once the new VAT Engine has been implemented and running for a time. Then only Past VAT Reports will still contain this marker.

•Nominal Journals One of the biggest problems we have had with the TB not balancing to the VAT Report is Journal postings into the Income and Expense accounts. The Journal that was posted without a VAT component would then Debit or Credit the TB, but would not influence the VAT Report (due to the absence of a VAT component). This would create the impression that the VAT report was incorrect if compared to the TB. (This was especially true for those Auditors that used our competitor product and was used to the way they handle Journals, TB’s and VAT). We now force each Journal into the Income and Expense account to have a VAT code. If the Journal is Zero rated, you should select the Zero rated code (usually 02). This is the only way that we can balance the TB to the VAT Report.

•VAT on Invoices / GRN’s As mentioned before, the Type of document processed no longer determines the VAT account involved. This is now driven by the GL Code. Only Income GL accounts will be posted (as a Debit or Credit) into the OUTPUT VAT Account. This means that even GRN’s into the income account (I can’t think of a reason why this would ever be done, but users often used to do this) will be reflected in the OUTPUT VAT Account. The same is true for Invoicing into the Expense, Assets and Liability Accounts. INPUT VAT will always be affected. For this reason, documents may from now on have OUTPUT & INPUT VAT on the same document. You may invoice items with the variable nominal analysis switched on and choose an expense account as the contra leg. This will result in such a dual VAT account scenario. In the case of an Invoice for instance, both VAT Accounts will still be credited (resulting in the same VAT Result as the old method) but will force the TB and VAT Reports to balance.

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The Best just got Better. SQL is here.
This has been a long time coming but it is finally here. Revelation SQL is going to knock your socks off. The R&D team under Leadership of Mr Glen Pearce has been hard at work and we are proud to announce that the main modules have now been completed.
We are still Beta Testing some stability and network issues, but according to Pearce: “We are on track and should be ready to launce by no later than the 2nd quarter of 2013”. The project has been delayed due to the Launch of MS-Windows 8 as well as some SQL issues with MS Server 2012. This should however only cause minor holdup’s that, according to Pearce, should not be a cause for concern when he said: “Has there ever been a challenge the Revelation could not overcome. SQL is due to revolutionise the SME market as most of our competitors still use outdated Database file to handle their data. Revelation customers will be able to upgrade to the new database by a simple click of a button.

The database will be available in either SQL Express (for smaller companied) or the now legendary MS SQL Server. The latter is aimed at our larger clients that have been concerned with the current MS- Access Database. Pricing has been well thought through keeping Revelation as one of the MOST affordable Accounting and Business Software packages available in the Market. Current Marketing Manager Vernon Shirley said: “We were concerned that we would scare off potential clients if we did not keep prices low. Our clients have always relied on a Good product that was well priced. We have done exactly that”. Shirley also promised that existing clients will be very impressed with our now Legendary Trade up deals that has made Revelation so successful. “Clients don’t want to feel that their initial investment is going to waist” Shirley said. Existing clients will also be able to make use of our “Early Bird” special. Any client that upgrades before the official launch date (30 June 2013) will qualify for a significant Discount. So please don’t delay as the BEST JUST GOT BETTER!!!

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Are you still in Charge of your Company.
Whilst many outsourced accounting and auditing consultants may have their preferences regarding accounting software and suppliers, tending to promote such preferences to their clients, consumers have the right to choose the accounting software and supplier that is most suitable for their individual requirements. It is a well-known fact that Revelation Accounting Software was one of the very first accounting packages to see the light in South Africa and Europe.

Glen Pearce and his team first Developed PC based Software back in late 1979 to 1980. Although we are not as big as some of our competitors, we have established ourselves as a reliable and affordable business package that offers some very unique features. It is especially true when looking at stock and stock control. Of late however, we have noticed that some companies are being strong armed by their Auditors to move over to the Auditors Preferred Software brand. When enquiring about the reason why they want their clients to move, in other words which feature in Revelation no longer suits the business, it is obvious to us that it is not necessarily for the benefit of the client, but rather to their own benefit. By placing their client on the same platform as themselves, they are enrolling the client’s staff as capture clerks. The data can then be exported to their own systems with very little effort. This is great for them, but not always the best option for the client.

This is especially true when dealing with Inventory based Businesses. I once put it to a potential migrating client: “So, how long have you been working for your Auditors”. Without thinking she started rambling off the period. As she was talking, it all of a sudden downed on her: “Her Auditor was calling the shots”. Needless to say, we kept our client. The Auditor works for you, not the other way around. You should use the software that works for your organization, not what works for the auditors.

For this reason, Revelation has had a long standing offer to all Revelation clients that their Auditors may acquire a Revelation Empire Builder package at no charge. We often advise new clients if we cannot meet their requirements, and then refer them to the correct package, this has never been an issue, but to simply change for the sake of changing...It is very common for clients that have migrated to be back with us not long after they have changed: This, at a huge expense to the client. If something is not working for you in Revelation, talk to us first. IF we cannot help you, then by all means migrate, but don’t just move because you are strong armed into it.

Revelation is currently doing duty at the Lonmin Platinum Mine and several other large organizations. We have stood the test of time and will be serving our community of clients for many years to come. I leave you with this thought. Imagine if all the people in the world were forced by the banking clan to let us all bank with one bank, or we were all forced to drive one make of car. David stood up to Goliath, so can you.

You have worked hard to get your business where it is today. Revelation has been a key partner in assisting you with achieving that success. It is your decision, not your Auditor. They work for you remember...

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Placing all your Eggs in one Basket !!!
This age old saying never rang more true than today. Over the years the Revelation training team has always stressed the importance of this principle when dealing with the Pareto Analysis. We have a very large client operating at Lonmin. The recent events on the Lonmin Platinum Mines at Marikana, has once again highlighted this issue.

Fortunately, our client did NOT have all his eggs in one basket, but has several outlets throughout South Africa. But, this was a huge eye opener for us once more. Since our client is responsible for a very direct process on the mines, the recent spate of violence has caused the mines to come to a grinding halt. Our client’s turnover also came to a grinding halt. The problem is that their overheads did not.... A business has to be very careful when spreading the risk.

Pareto not only assists us in assessing our strong areas in the business, but one should also apply this principle to asses where the crunch could potentially be, if our Pareto A clients are not taken care of or, in the case of Lonmin, a sudden crises turns a very lucrative avenue into the "Acyls Heal" of your business. In this article, we explain how Pareto should be applied to monitor stock and stock control, but this process should also be applied to your clients and suppliers.

If one of your main suppliers goes out of business today, do you have an alternative, or is all your eggs in one basket. If your client was the operator on the Lonmin Mines, how negatively would this effect your own business...... Pareto Analysis (80/20 Principle) The Pareto principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, was suggested and developed by Business-management consultant Joseph M. Juran. He named after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population; he developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.

Applied in Business, Pareto analysis states that 80% of your business is generally generated by 20% of your clients. It further states, and this is our point of interest, that 80% of all a business sales are derived from 20% of your product. In Revelation these stock items are referred to as Pareto A Product. They should always be in stock. A good example of this would be your Asthma medication that you cannot live without, especially if you are suffering Asthma Attacks. If your local pharmacy does not stock them, you are out of there so fast; it would make their heads spin. Items that assist the “Pareto A” Product, but are not that vital, would be known as Pareto B Product. A good example again from the pharmacy would be the Vitamin Booster for your lungs. If the pharmacist can offer a good alternative, you will not be too unhappy. Promising an afternoon delivery of your first choice will really put your mind at ease. Pareto C Product are product that are nice to have, but will not stop business. The health foods in the last aisle would probably fall into this category. It is stock that you would expect to see in a pharmacy, but if you have run out, no one will persecute you. Just make sure they get stocked up within the next few days or even weeks. Pareto D Product would be the new cholesterol home test kit that you have some brochures on. If you could order that for Uncle Dan and let him know when it is in stock, he will be so grateful, “thank you young man, you know, I have been shopping here when your grandfather was still alive...” It is not going to put you out of business when you cannot deliver.

In order to make the Pareto Principle work for your business, make sure that your minimum and maximum levels are up to date and well maintained. (Take seasonal changes and market trends into consideration). You may class your Debtors & Creditors Accordingly.

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Smile and wave Boys - Smile and wave...
The difference between Markup and Margin, when dealing with Business Profitability, has long been a subject of contention and debate in many Business Circles. One only needs to do a quick Internet Search, to see that this subject has many a person struggling with the two concepts and more specifically, their applications in Business Accounting.

One of the many hats that I wear, as part of the Revelation team, is to humour students with my presence on Tuesday afternoons. Our afternoon session is mostly spent on stock and stock control. Before the day is over, it is ineffable that we run into the subject of how Selling price should be calculated. Without fail, most students (including hardened accountants and long standing business owners) get their wires crossed on the difference and application of the two concepts.

This week, I will attempt to score some merit points by, hopefully, clearing up this mystery subject once and for all. For once, I would not mind a bit of feedback in order for us to see if we are on target or if we should revisit our approach on the matter....Enjoy!!! Buzz Upstart (Commander)

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The Bridge to the Dark side!!!
Labour recovery on Manufacturing – The Bridge to the Dark Side I have often stood in amazement as to how the human brain interprets different information based on pre-conceptions and personal priority. The IT guru will always overspend on Computers whereas someone with a mechanical background tends to apply the company funds toward transport.

The manufacturing department is no different. I have been to so many clients in the manufacturing industry and each one of them has their own take on the concept of recovering Labour as a component of manufacturing. For those of us that do not deal with manufacturing, the principle of labour is as follow: When a worker is employed in the manufacturing plant, he or she is paid a wage. This is more often than not an hourly rate. They are also very often placed in some form of assembly line. This leads to the tendency to monitor productivity (Wages vs. Output).

The big question now is, should labour be treated as a component of the manufacturing process, that is to say, treat labour as if it is a product used in the recipe of the manufacturing process, or should labour be excluded and simply form part of the overhead component of the company. This Journalist is of the opinion that “Labour is the bridge to the dark side”. Why, because it now opens the debate as to where the line is supposed to be drawn. If you include Labour as a component, the minute you sell the product, you are Recovering Wages.

Wages is then no longer a variable expense to the company but rather a Cost-of-Sales. Now this is where things get interesting. Surely you have also included Electricity into the manufacturing job. Electricity may be measured and also recovered, just like labour. Why pick on labour. When this argument is followed to its conclusion, you will have to factor all your overheads into the manufacturing process.

This becomes a slippery slope. What are some of the problems associated with labour in the manufacturing equation? Well, for one, you are now overvaluing your cost price of the unsold product. If the components cost R 10.00 without labour and labour was stated at R 10.00, the new average cost price per product now becomes R 20.00. You have in other words had a gain in assets which should now be played off against wages paid.

The logistics just becomes a nightmare. The easy solution to the problem is to simply compensate for your overhead with the correct markup and margin. By all means, monitor productivity but do not get caught with the temptation to recover wages as a component. If you do, however, my opinion is that you should either work all the overheads into the manufacturing as a component or non-at all. You decide.

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I am amazed at how many People are still battling with Basic Accounting issues in this modern age. This week, our support Centre was inundated with questions about the difference between Average and Latest Cost, and when to use which. In this article I hope to shed some light on the subject. I really hope that this will clarify and demystify this often touchy subject. ENJOY!!!

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Cost-of-Sales - YES or NO
The Controversy Surrounding C.O.S - by V.E. Shirley

There has been a big deliberation about the controversy surrounding Cost-of-Sales, in general, as well as in Revelation. Must COST-OF-SALES be switched ON or OFF. To try and clarify this issue, we have recently written and article about Cost-of-Sales as well as tried to explain the advantages of having Cost-of-Sales running in your Company in Automated Mode.

First of all, we would like to explain why cost-of-sales is not switched on in so many Revelation users’ packages. It is actually very simple. Revelation is the very first accounting package to run on a pc in South African (and many countries in the western world). When pc based accounting was introduced, auditors were not familiar with the concept of automating the cost-of-sales process. This was largely due to the fact that most auditors of the day, still kept a manual set of books as pc’s were not trusted till much later.

Being the leader in PC accounting, Revelation took a conservative stance, and left the calculations up to the auditors to rather post journals to calculate stock and cost-of-sales (not a recognized term at the time) as we did not want to alienate the auditing fraternity. Up to this point (Revelation Plus) we kept the stock ledger separate from the rest of the ledgers. It was only with the introduction of Revelation Pro, that stock was integrated. It was also at this point that auditors recognized the benefit of computerized accounting on a wider scale (as well as started to really trust PC-based systems).

Revelation was also the first company that allowed package upgrades that allowed you to import the entire ledger system into our subsequent updates (A practice that continued to this day). The reason was obvious, we did not want users to loose information when upgrading. Unfortunately, the downside to this process is that bad setup’s and habits were also transferred.

Revelation incorrectly assumed that Auditors and bookkeepers would automatically switch on improvements like Cost-of-Sales. Sadly, this did not always happen. Many Revelation users still use the Opening and Closing stock method to calculate stock. New up and coming auditors and bookkeepers do not realize that this option can simply be switched on with a click of a button and two simple journals. They then recommend to users to rather migrate to opposition products. WE THEREFORE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CHECK IF COST-OF-SALES IS SWITCHED ON. IF NOT PLEASE INVESTIGATE THE OPTION TO ENABLE THIS FEATURE.

To find out more...or to enable Cost-of-Sales, Please download the following document.

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